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    ​The current economic climate in Singapore has brought in an increased number in employment competition. As jobs in Singapore become tougher to score, local employees should focus on transferable skills to gain a job during the economic recession. In this article, we’ll discuss the different transferable skills Singaporean employees should focus on harnessing. 

    What is a Transferable Skill? 

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    Transferable skills refer to a set of skills that don’t belong to a particular niche, job, or even industry. These are skills that you develop as you pass through employment, education, or training. Some examples of transferable skills include soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem solving to name a few.


    As a recruitment agency in Singapore, we’ve noticed that candidates can pick up transferable skills from meaningful job opportunities. This is why employees pick up different internships, part-time jobs, and full-time positions even if they worked in industries unrelated to their current position. Unfortunately, transferable skills are not actively sought out by recruiters and hiring managers. Which is why candidates are encouraged to highlight some of these skills on a resume. 

    According to Indeed, Singaporean job seekers can highlight these skills by: 

    Pro-Tip: Try to identify the different skills that you mentioned to be successful in your previous job searches. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t bombard your resume with a list of skills. Instead, choose the top 2-3 skills to highlight! 

    Below are some transferable skills employees looking for jobs in Singapore should focus on: 

    1. Writing and Editing Skills 

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    As a writer and editor, I didn’t realise how treasured and rare this skill is. Writing might not be a career skill sought after in numerous careers. However, it can be a useful skill. Strong literacy and writing skills also show recruiters and hiring managers that employees have wonderful communication skills. 

    Employees with strong written communication skills are able to convey messages and information accurately even without any visual cues. Strong communication skills are beneficial to most employers. The benefits that these employers are looking for can range from the ability to ask good questions as well as the talent to read body language. 

    2. Cybersecurity and Technology Literacy 

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    Not all millennials are technologically literate. The term technology literacy refers to the ability to navigate new technology with ease. Employers lookout for candidates and job seekers who are technologically literate. Simply because nearly every position in most industries requires the use of technology. Employers value candidates who can pick up and learn various computer tools and software quickly. 

    In addition, employees with basic cybersecurity knowledge prove to be valuable to the organization. Job seekers trained in the art of cybersecurity are often sought out by employers as they make the business and/or organization more secure. 

    Below are some cybersecurity skills articles for job seekers and employees: 

    3. Task Delegation (Management) 

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    There is a lot more to management than assigning individuals their tasks. A great manager knows to delegate tasks to the right employees. Additionally, an individual with great managerial skills will also encourage their colleagues to get things done. In this case, management skills refer to the ability to make sure that the people in the group are completing their tasks. 

    4. Leadership Skills 

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    You don’t need to be a supervisor to have good leadership skills. In this article, leadership skills don’t refer solely to the ability to lead a team. Good leadership skills also include the ability to follow through and accomplish the organization’s shared goals. In addition to proper task delegation and management. Great communication and listening skills, as well as empathy, are the core traits of a just leader.

    As a HR outsourcing agency in Singapore, we’ve written several articles on being a good leader. Learn more about them in this article, “This is the One Soft Skill All Leaders Desperately Need”.

    5. The Ability to Adapt 

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    Adaptability is an important skill. Being adaptable means having the ability to make time for the requests of other colleagues. Demonstrating that you can juggle both your responsibilities and the tasks needed to help others, shows that you can adapt to quick changes. Adaptability (or flexibility) can also spill over to other aspects of your workplace. This may include due dates and even different ways to proceed with your job. 

    6. Enthusiasm and Motivation 

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    Employers invest a large sum of money on the hiring process. Even if your next employer does not mention it, they do want to hire a candidate who shows their enthusiasm at the workplace. This shows both the employer, the supervisors, and the people around you that you’re a motivated individual. Keep in mind that employees who fail to show their motivation tend to bring the morale of the office and team down.

    7. Creative Thinking 

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    When it comes to creative thinking, many of us often relate it to skills such as illustrations, paintings, and drawings. In this case, creative thinking refers to the ability to think out of the box. Employees blessed with creative thinking skills are often able to find unique solutions to different problems. Creative thinking also allows employers to see and solve new challenges and problems in new ways!

    As a recruitment agency in Singapore, we have some of the best tips and tricks for Singaporean employers and job seekers in our blog articles! Visit for more information

    What are some other transferable skills that Singaporean employees can add to their resume? Share them with us in the comments sections below! 

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