• Should Singaporean Employees Quit During the Current Recession?

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    ​The current economy in Singapore might be turbulent right now. However, young, Singaporean employees are still finding themselves questioning if they should quit during the current recession. 

    Before we begin, it’s important to understand that young professionals quit their jobs at some point of their life. As a Singapore job agency, we see young professionals quit their jobs for varying reasons. These reasons can range from better offers, to going back to school, to continue their education. 

    But things are different during the pandemic. Quitting your job in Singapore during this economy should only be considered a last-resort or a last ditch idea. However, we’re going to be taking a neutral stance to give you some food for thought.

    Here, we’ll be listing some common reasons why job seekers tell us they choose to quit their full-time jobs. 

    Why Young Singaporean Employees Quit During the Recession 


    It’s easy to brush off the multiple reasons young Singaporean employees give before quitting. According to a controversial article by Rice Media, it seems like the recent work from home (WFH) stint has led to burnout amongst some employees. And if you’re acquainted with the effects of burnout, you’ll notice that Singaporean workers who suffer from burnout often end up quitting their jobs.

    But what are some good reasons for quitting during the recession? We examine some reasonable and unreasonable grounds to quit your job during the Singapore recession right below! 

    A. Good Reason: Mental Deterioration 


    When your health is on the line, it is a reasonable excuse to leave your current position. One major reason for mental deterioration is “imposter syndrome”. For those unaware, imposter syndrome occurs when someone refuses to accept and acknowledge their accomplishments. 

    If you’re suffering from imposter syndrome, one thing to keep in mind is this. Your organization sees the value in you, which is why they’ve chosen to hire you. But if you’re still unsure of your skills and abilities. Perhaps it’s time to sit down with your bosses and supervisors, and discuss your strengths and weaknesses at the workplace. Listing out your weaknesses is a good way to start improving ourselves. Self-improvement is one way to avoid imposter syndrome. 

    Other reasons that lead to mental deterioration at the workplace is when you’re bored of your job. Perhaps you’ve picked up a range of new skills and you’re looking for new challenges. It could be time to set your sights somewhere else.  

    B. OK Reason: Wanting to be your Own Boss 


    ​Everyone wants to be their own boss. We all dream about quitting our jobs and following our dreams. This is common. However, not everyone has a clear cut plan set in place, to be their own boss.

    If you’re dedicated and committed to a plan, leaving your job during the turbulent times can be reasonable. But only, if you have a solid foundation, plan, and connections ready in place! 

    C. Good Reason: Toxic Workplaces  

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    Toxic workplaces can be tough on just about anyone! A toxic workplace can be defined as any work where the atmosphere and the people causes a lot of mental distress. Not only is a toxic work environment bad on your mental health. It can also cause a lot of physical symptoms! In addition, there are other reasons to leave your job due to a toxic workplace. 

    A toxic workplace often has: 

    • Unmotivated workers and colleagues: This can lead you to shoulder a lot of work and responsibilities that they are not handling. Alternatively, unmotivated colleagues can lead you to feel unmotivated as well!

    • Bad communication: Most toxic workplaces have bad communication. We say this because sporadic and insufficient communication is the root of a number of problems at the workplace.

    • Terrible leadership: In addition, terrible leadership can be found in most toxic workplaces! Some skills that terrible leaders exhibit include micromanagement, disorganized, and bad communication skills.

    • Lack of work-life balance: A toxic workplace also leads employees to have bad work-life balance. In order to do well at our jobs, we must first realise that we’re not machines. A great life outside of work can help us refresh our minds and bodies. But if you’re stuck in a workplace that lacks work-life balance. It could be difficult to recharge properly to tackle the workday. 

    D. Ok Reason: Lack of Promotion 

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    The COVID-19 pandemic has been a hard hit for people in many different industries. As such, not every company in Singapore can afford paying for salary raises and promotions. Instead, companies are looking to save their money for emergency funds. It is hard to feel happy and secure when you've been passed over for a promotion. Especially if you've been working at your company for a considerable amount of time.

    "Comparison is the thief of joy". There's a lot we can learn from this saying. It just means that you should stop comparing your progress with your colleagues, friends, and close family members. Everyone's going through a tough time this COVID-19 season! Even employers!

    Whatever the reason is for you leaving your job. The smart way to switch positions would be to secure a position before deciding whether or not you should leave your job. Thankfully, as a Singapore job agency, BGC Group frequently lists careers in thriving industries on the BGC Group job portal! Click here to view

    What are some good or terrible reasons for individuals to leave their jobs during the current pandemic? Share them with us in the comments section below! 

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