• 6 Overlooked Benefits Singaporean Employees Should Focus On Instead of Salary

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    It’s incredible to think that despite the dwindling economy. Many job seekers and employees in Singapore are still on the lookout for positions that offer higher salaries. However, higher pay isn’t the only thing we believe that Singaporean job seekers should be on the lookout for. 

    As a manpower recruitment agency in Singapore, we believe that there are other benefits that employees should look out for. In this article, we outline the different benefits that employees in Singapore should look out for instead of a higher remuneration! 


    6 Overlooked Benefits Singaporean Employees Should Prioritise

    1. Open Communication  


    It might sound ridiculous. But an office that takes your ideas into consideration through open communication is rare. In Singapore, it is usually smaller companies (SME) that feature a more flexible hierarchy. Unsurprisingly, some blogs claim that open communication is a benefit that most Singaporean employees want. 

    Open communication is seen as a perk to most employees, simply because it means that it'll be easier for employees to negotiate better benefits in the future. In addition, a company with open communication can lead to the improvement of soft skills. These skills can include employee morale, team building, due to the office’s vibrant and fun environment! 

    There are many benefits to being in an office with open communication. Click here to learn more about the perks of having an office that celebrates open communication in Singapore


    2. Opportunities for learning and growth


    If there’s one thing that the current COVID-19 pandemic and economic recession have taught us. It is that an office or workplace that continually delivers good job opportunities and promotions, is a valuable one. A company that’s willing to set aside different opportunities for its employees despite the plummeting economy is a rare one. Sometimes, you’ll need to think beyond the monetary benefits, when it comes to working benefits. 


    3. HR Policies 



    Yes, you heard it correctly. An office that prioritizes policies, such as discrimination, harassment, and sexual harassment is a benefit that most job seekers overlook. As an employee, these policies should be considered important to you. They help identify and outline what exactly is important and what isn’t. More importantly, a workplace environment that treasures your security is one that invests a lot of time and energy into safeguarding its employees. 

    As an employee, you might not realise the benefits of having multiple safety policies set in place. These policies and anti-harassment training create a feeling of security within your office. In addition, an office that sets stringent policies is one that is willing to invest a sum of money for specific aptitude and anti-harassment training. This training can also extend outside your work life. Not many of us have the awareness, knowledge, or resources to combat different forms of harassment in our everyday lives. 


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    4. Employee insurance coverage

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    Out of everything listed here, employee health insurance is perhaps one of the benefits that many of us expect to have. As such, some of us might overlook the type of health insurance that different companies can offer. Health insurance might be common but accidental and death insurance are not usually covered by companies. And as an extension, it is also uncommon for companies in Singapore (especially smaller companies) to sponsor health insurance for an employee’s family. 


    According to an article by Olympia Benefits, health insurance can affect some applicant’s final decision. If you’re an HR executive or hiring manager in Singapore, this could be something to take note of. Therefore, if you managed to find a company that can provide an extensive health insurance plan. It’s best to stick with it, instead of looking for additional monetary gains. After all, health is wealth. 


    5. Digital Healthcare Options


    In addition to excellent health care coverage, job seekers should also look for digital healthcare options. Many healthcare options should be conveniently digitized, to allow employees to save time. Not only is a digital healthcare plan time-efficient, but it also makes healthcare very convenient to access. In short, companies that provide their employees with digital healthcare options will be able to access a range of different healthcare providers (e.g. dentists and doctors to name a few). 

    Learn more about the different benefits of having access to digital healthcare options in this interesting article here


    6. Flexible Working Hours


    It’s no secret that most job seekers are now looking for positions that offer flexible working hours. Thanks to the quarantine and safety precautions taken during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Employees are realising that a flexible working schedule can be more beneficial to their work-life balance. Even tech giant corporations such as Google is looking to incorporate a more ‘hybrid’ work-from-home model for its employees. 

    Whilst work-from-home options have blurred the lines between work and play for some burned-out employees. A flexible schedule allows employees and job seekers to incorporate more work-life balance into their life. And with the number of consequences associated with burnout, work-life balance sounds like a great benefit to have. 

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    What are some other benefits that Singaporean employees often overlook? Share them with us in the comments section below! 

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