• 4 Limiting Beliefs Job Seekers Have That Makes Them Unemployable

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    ​Like any good relationship, an ideal job match occurs when a candidate and an organization meet one another’s expectations. As a recruitment agency in Singapore, we’re familiar with the mismatch of expectations that a candidate and an organization might have.

    In fact, oftentimes, the role of a reputable job agency is to help manage the expectations of both the job seeker and the hiring manager. In this article, we’ll talk about the mismatched expectations that job seekers have, that limits their employability. Are you ready to learn some common misconceptions (or limiting beliefs) that candidates have? Find out more below! 

    4 Main Mismatched Expectations Job Seekers Have

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    A report by The New Paper claims that only about 15.2% of Singaporean job seekers were willing to take on the long-term jobs, despite the pandemic. Which begs the question, why are employers still finding it hard to hire Singaporean candidates despite having a larger group to tap into? According to the report, the answer to this gap lies in a mismatch of expectations between the organization and the job seeker. 

    Don’t brush this off! In a competitive climate having too high, or too low expectations can prevent you from getting hired. What are some common mismatched expectations that job seekers have that will prevent them from getting hired? More on that below: 

    A. Salary Expectations 

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    Unfortunately, not all job seekers have realistic salary expectations. Fresh graduates in Singapore expect to earn around $3,000 to $4,000 as soon as they enter the workforce. Some are expecting more than that. This can make the job matching process difficult for some. Simply because fresh graduates might not consider taking on a job if it doesn’t reflect their desired salary expectations. 

    It’s safe to say that job seekers should keep their salary expectations aligned according to the different industries. For example, it is realistic for candidates looking to break into Singapore’s Tech, Finance and Cybersecurity field to aim for a slightly higher salary than average. These positions often require in-demand skills that are not readily available in Singapore. 

    It’s important to remember that a lower starting salary is not going to affect the rest of your career. There is a lot more that fresh graduates should take into consideration instead of focusing solely on the monthly cheque. Other benefits that all job seekers often overlook include job flexibility, up skilling opportunities, and workplace policies

    In addition, employees have the power to negotiate their salaries throughout their career. Naturally, the more skilled and experienced an employee is, the easier it will be to negotiate for a higher salary. Read more about negotiating your salary here

    Pro-Tip: Proper research is the key to managing your salary expectations. Thankfully, BGC Group has released a realistic salary guide for both fresh and experienced job seekers. Click here to read the BGC Group salary guide

    B. Lack of Relevant Skills 

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    It is no secret that there is a large digital skills gap in the current job market. Lack of readily available skills is one of the many reasons why Tech companies in Singapore seek out foreign talent to furnish their offices. Unfortunately, thanks to the global work-from-home stint, job seekers across different industries are now required to pick up new digital skills (e.g. learning to use different file sharing platforms and collaboration apps). 

    However, despite lacking the relevant skills needed to land your dream job. Candidates can apply for internships and training programs with companies. Not only will you be able to pick up the right technical skills needed, you will also learn to refine the soft skills the organization needs. 

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    C. Poor Interview Skills and Bad Resumes

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    It is hard to shine and stand out from the competition when a candidate has poor interview skills. The same theory applies to candidates who submit terrible resumes. Keep in mind that hiring managers are trying to find reasons to hire you. If you’re unable to show hiring managers your capabilities and skills in both your interview and resume, it’ll be hard to convince a company to hire you. 

    Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem. As an employment agency, we have a number of articles to help job seekers brush up on their interview and resume writing skills. We always recommend candidates to research both the company and the job role that they’re applying for in great detail. That way, job seekers can personalise their resumes according to the different job roles advertised. This can lead to landing more job opportunities in the future. 

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    D. Avoiding Contract Positions 

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    Permanent employment is not the only form of employment available. This is a mindset not many job seekers are willing to accept. However, being inflexible with your employment type limits your career. Temporary positions are a great way for job seekers to bridge resume gaps. If you’ve been unemployed for a while, waiting for the right opportunity or offer can be detrimental to your career. 

    Purge your preconceived notions about contract positions out. Despite the stereotypes, there are a number of benefits to taking on contract positions. Learn more about the benefits of contract and temporary positions in Singapore here

    Erase Misconceptions with a Trusted Recruitment Agency 

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    The best way to navigate your expectations as a job seeker is with the help of a recruiter. The role of a recruiter is to help both candidates and organizations find the ideal match. A good recruiter will be able to match both fresh and experienced candidates with their ideal positions. 

    Recruiters also help job seekers vet their resumes and provide them with invaluable insights to help them ace their interviews. Learn more about the benefits of applying for a job with the help of a recruitment agency here

    What are some common misconceptions that job seekers need to let go of? Share them with us in the comments section below! 

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