• 8 Types of Masks You'll Find Singaporean Colleagues Wearing at the Workplace

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    ​As someone who has been working from home for the past few months. I can safely say that I miss the office. To me, the office is a vibrant place where people from different backgrounds (i.e. racial, educational, experience) come together. Of course, there are going to be several stereotypes that all of us office workers are bound to come in contact with. 

    BGC Group is a HR outsourcing agency. Therefore, we love crafting funny articles about office stereotypes. In this article, we’re going to be exploring the different types of masks you’ll come across when you’re back in the office. 

    1. Your Standard Disposable Mask  


    This is probably the number one mask you’ll be seeing in and around the office. It’s your standard, disposable, blue mask attached to every Mr or Miss Boring. But despite it’s lack luster appearance, this mask does have some very appealing qualities. It’s efficient (easy wear, easy throw) and not as stuffy as your other more luxurious looking masks. 

    Pro-Tip: Whilst these masks are convenient and easy to use. It does pose a slight threat to our environment. Do the world a favour and snip off the elastics before throwing away your mask! You can refer to the image below for a better idea! 

    2. The Luxe Mask 


    Let’s be real. The person wearing this mask is probably one of your more fashionable colleagues. We’re talking about cloth masks in black, denim, or even silk. You might even be able to catch these stylish colleagues sporting different coloured masks to match their outfits. They look good. But after catching a glimpse of these elegant colleagues, you’re often left wondering, “how can they breathe”? 

    3. The Face Shield 


    An efficient face protector for colleagues who enjoy breathing. The face shield protects one from possible minute virus filled spit attacks. Take note that this colleague might be claustrophobic. I mean, why else would you trade a mask for a face shield. 

    4. The Germaphobe Package 


    This is a face mask and shield combo worn by your resident Kiasi colleague. If you walk up to their desk, you’ll realise that your germaphobe colleague has surrounded himself or herself with hand sanitizers, aerosol disinfectants and more. But despite the extreme measures, we should be thankful for the office germaphobe! Confirm they won’t pass on any form of virus, including the dreaded COVID-19 virus to the rest of the office. 

    Fun fact: As a HR outsourcing company in Singapore, we’ve noticed that HR teams and executives often fall under the office germaphobe category. It’s for a good reason too! HR teams and executives should be on extra guard when it comes to office safety, during the age of COVID-19. 

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    5. Creative Mask


    Perhaps you’re working at an artsy agency. Or perhaps you’re just surrounded by some quirky colleagues. Whatever the case is, you might find yourself bumping into a very creative face mask in the office. Examples include a clear face mask, to personalised printed masks with your colleague’s face on it. Keep an eye out for any eccentric masks once you’re back in the office!  

    6. The Tissue Mask


    Imagine this. You’re overtiming at the office, late at night and you get up to use the washroom. Only to find one of your colleagues hunched over the desk. You walk up closer to them, only to have them turn and confront you with a wildly fashioned tissue mask! Oh the horror! But before you run, there could be a perfectly innocent reason why your colleague is holding a tissue in front of their face. Stop and stay calm! Perhaps they’re not sneezing. Maybe they just forgot to bring their mask. Or maybe it’s just allergies. Let’s hope it’s that. 

    Pro-Tip: On a much serious note if you do feel unwell. Please stay home and don’t come to work at all. If you do have assignments to finish, discuss with your supervisors about working from home! 

    7. The Invisible Mask


    These are your fellow office mates who cannot breathe without a mask. However, being conscientious, they’ve decided to invest in one of these instead. Tech savvy? You tell us! 

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    8. The No Mask Colleague 


    He’s not having it and he’s not wearing it. This guy just hates masks. Give him a break! 

    Did you enjoy our light-hearted mask article? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!We hope this helped bring a little more humor and light into your working day during the age of COVID-19! 

    P.S: Did we miss out on any other masks? Let us know! 

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