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    ​Generally, employees and fresh graduates looking to break into the IT and Tech industry don’t have trouble landing a job in Singapore. In fact, a majority of talented job seekers in the IT and Tech industry can find success in jobs by being headhunted. 

    However, for IT and Tech employees interested in browsing online job portals for potential opportunities out there. Here is a list of job portals to search for Tech and IT jobs in Singapore. Do keep in mind that this is a list that will be updated consistently. Bookmark this blog post for easy reference in the future. 

    1. LinkedIn 

    LinkedIn is one of the biggest social networking platforms for professionals. The website hosts a variety of content from articles, opinions from industry experts, as well as a decent job portal. Since LinkedIn is a well-known professional networking website, there are some decent benefits to searching for jobs on the website. These unique job portal benefits include: 

    • The ability to save job advertisements. Additionally, job seekers can also break their job search up and filter according to different fields such as salary expectations, job title, skills, location, and companies.

    • Provides job ad suggestions based on your LinkedIn profile. The LinkedIn algorithm will give users job ad suggestions based on your previous job experience, educational qualifications, and even previous job searches.

    • Easy application. The great thing about searching and applying for IT and Tech roles on LinkedIn is just how easy it can be to apply for jobs via LinkedIn. The website allows you to do a simple resume and cover letter drop. Additionally, headhunters and recruiters can reach out to ideal candidates based on the candidate’s job experience, educational qualifications, and profile introduction. 

    Click here to visit LinkedIn for jobs within the Tech and IT industry

    2. Tech in Asia 

    Tech in Asia is a great website for those looking to break into tech startups. In addition to boasting a nifty job portal, the website boasts its own editorial content related to the job-hunting process. The articles featured on the website include job hunting and resume tips. 

    Go ahead and browse through the website. As a job seeker, you’ll be able to filter and search for jobs based on the different skills, titles, and salary, and years of experience needed. 

    Click here to visit Tech in Asia for jobs within the Tech and IT industry

    3. Hatch 

    For some of us, despite having the right qualifications, it can still be tough to land a job in Singapore’s Tech and IT industry. Hatch is a website aimed at helping at-risk youths, dropouts, or individuals from low-income backgrounds. 

    Hatch is not just a job portal. It is a collective that aims to upskill disadvantaged youths. Youths can opt to train for a variety of tech and digital skills such as digital marketing, UX/UI. Compared to the other job portals on this list, Hatch is definitely a unique website that caters to a specific crowd. Keep in mind that they may not serve the career needs of an established IT and Tech professional. 

    Click here to visit Hatch Singapore for jobs within the Tech and IT industry.  

    4. eFinancialCareers 

    eFinancialCareers is a great industry-specific job portal. Despite being a job portal tailored specifically for fresh graduates and job seekers looking to break into Singapore’s finance industry. ​

    However, this website is relevant for IT and Tech employees looking to break into the Fintech field. In addition to a nifty job portal, job seekers can also read up on the finance-industry related news as well as some industry insights. 

    We did a quick look through the website and found a number of listings for positions in fields such as: 

    • Cybersecurity and Information Security 

    • Data Management 

    • Fintech 

    • IT Service Management 

    • System/Network Administration

    Job seekers will find the website easy to navigate. Some interesting features include the ability to custom and save your suggested job ads, as well as custom job alerts. In addition, job seekers have the option of uploading both their resume and cover letter onto their profile for easy job application. 

    Click here to visit eFinancialCareers for jobs within the Tech, IT, and Fintech industry

    5. WordPress Jobs

    Despite not being a website catered specifically to Tech and IT employees in Singapore. We believe that this is a job portal that deserves to be featured on our list! Although the majority of the jobs featured here are based in the US. 

    WordPress Jobs does feature some remote positions that allow employees from the Tech and IT industry to work from anywhere in the world. In addition, there are some international job advertisements available on the website. For the uninitiated, WordPress Jobs is the official job board for the popular blog site. However, a quick browse through the website featured a number of Tech and IT jobs in positions such as Design, Development, and Plugin Development.  

    Click here to visit WordPress Jobs for careers within the Tech, IT, and Fintech industry


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    Are you an employee or fresh graduate in Singapore searching for your next IT and Tech job? Let us know if any of these suggestions have been useful in the comments section below! 

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