• The Best Tech and IT jobs for Extroverts Based on your MBTI

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    As a newly graduated university, polytechnic, or even a college student. Trying to decide on a career path to pursue can be tough for some. Personality tests are often a great tool to help you find your ideal job in a number of different industries. However, as an IT recruitment outsourcing agency, we’ve outlined several career paths to suit different extroverted personalities in the Tech and IT industry. 

    Have no idea what your personality type is? Well, before we begin, it’s best to read up more on the Myers-Briggs Personality Types as well as the MBTI Test. Discovered your type? Read on to figure out your dream career in Singapore’s Tech and IT industry below! 

    1. ESFP 


    The ESFP is a warm and sociable personality. Despite their love of the arts, the personality type can be found in a number of fast-paced industries. However, people with this personality type hate bureaucracy and rules — which is something to consider. Unfortunately, ESFPs might find most positions within the Tech and IT industry to be unfavourable and boring. If you’re an ESFP, you can consider these careers within the field. 

    Ideal Tech and IT careers for the ESFP: 

    • Desktop Support: The ESFP is a personality type that enjoys helping people out. Additionally, they do well in a sociable environment. The role of a Desktop Support is to provide advice as well as fix both software issues (e.g. company network, phone, customer support for computers), and hardware issues. This could be a job that someone with an ESFP personality can excel in.

    • Technology Sales: As naturally outgoing and sociable people, the ESFP is a great fit for the sales industry. People with this personality type are often persuasive individuals which makes them succeed in this role. Whilst there is no need for someone in Technology Sales to learn to code, there is also a need to have advanced product knowledge.

    • IT Project Manager: The role of an IT Project Manager is to plan, organize, and budget in order to execute the organization’s IT and Tech goals. This is a great career for people with the ESFP personality type as it allows them to tap into their leadership qualities. However, those looking to be an IT Project Manager will need to have a bachelor’s degree within the IT and Tech field. 

    2. ESFJ 


    People with the ESFJ personality type are warm, organized, and loyal individuals. In fact, the ESFJ is so organized that they carry this part of their personality to the workplace. These are individuals who require a high deal of structure and organization in order to succeed. And they gain satisfaction from completing tasks that require a high degree of attention to detail.

    However, we recommend ESFJs interested in the IT and Tech industry not to jump into traditional tech roles such as Software Programming. Instead, they can consider these roles. 

    Ideal Tech and IT careers for the ESFJ: 

    • Technical Writers: The aim of a technical writer is to translate very technical information for the general public. Topics that technical writers usually cover can include web design, computer engineering, information systems as well as computer systems. Technical writers usually write for instruction manuals or tech websites. They might cover online web articles or even use their skills for video creation!

      Just like the ESFP, the ESFJ loves to socialize as well as help other people. They might succeed in this career as it allows them to create content that can be used to help the general masses. 

    3. ENFP 


    Like most ‘extroverted intuitives’, the ENFP is a people-focused individual. People with this personality type are often invested in a number of humanitarian causes. As such, they need a job that aligns well with their values. It can be tough for the ENFP to find their calling. They dislike jobs with routine work and a variety of challenging tasks that do not allow the ENFP to use their creativity. Because of this, it can be hard for the ENFP to find a fulfilling career in the IT and Tech industry. However, they can consider these roles. 

    Ideal Tech and IT careers for the ENFP:

    • Front End Developer: Like their introverted counterpart, the INFP, the ENFP can find some success in a career as a Front End Developer. For the uninitiated, a Front End Developer is someone who translates a web designer’s vision into code. The role of a Front End Developer is to make websites a lot easier for people to view and access information on a website. Combining creativity along with a humanitarian cause is a reason why the ENFP might find this job pleasing.

    • Technology Sales: The ENFP is a sociable individual. People with this personality type are often found with large groups of friends. This is why the ENFP personality might succeed in a career as a Technology Salesperson. They find it easy to engage with customers as well as clients, which is why they can make a killer sales pitch. Additionally, their charm and desire to help other people can also help make them a better salesperson compared to other personality types. 

    4. ENFJ



    Do you know any captivating people with a strong desire to lead others? Chances are that person could be an ENFJ. ENFJs are enthusiastic people with a passion for problem-solving. They thrive in roles that require teamwork and will often leap to take on opportunities that allow them to showcase their strong leadership qualities. People with this personality type can succeed in forward-thinking and innovative industries such as Singapore’s Tech and IT industry. 

    Ideal Tech and IT careers for the ENFJ:

    • UX Designer: Despite being data-driven, the ENFJ can also be a creative individual. UX Design focuses on the end-users' interaction with websites, apps, and anything interactive. Their responsibilities include user research, UX copywriting, and design to name a few. A role like UX Design allows the ENFJ to take the lead on something where art and data intersects.

    • UI Designer: On the other hand, UI Design refers to the process of customizing a variety of interfaces with a focus on looks and style. Unlike UX Design, there is a lack of focus on the end-user when it comes to UI Design.

    • Software Engineer: Software Engineers are responsible for the building and development of computer systems, applications, as well as various software. Coding is a great fit for ENFJs as it allows them to tap into a combination of skills (e.g. communication, creativity, intelligence). Software Engineers often need to know a combination of programming skills — which you can pick up on your own. Read more about self-learning programming here

    5. ESTP


    If there is a logical problem that needs to be solved, the ESTP is just the right person for the job. ESTPs often rely on kinesthetic work (i.e. hands-on work). Additionally, they often have a hard time envisioning abstract ideas, which might make it harder for them to succeed in some computer science and tech roles. But there are some strengths to the ESTP personality type. They often succeed in a fast-paced environment and are adept when it comes to handling workplace crises. If they put their mind to it, the ESTP can succeed in these roles within the IT and Tech industry. 

    Ideal Tech and IT careers for the ESTP:

    • IT Manager: An IT Manager is someone who leads the Information Technology (IT) team. They’re the ones responsible for helping the organization meet its goals and objectives. Like most managerial positions, there are a lot of hoops and problems managers will have to jump through as well as attend to. Additionally, this is also a position that relies on a lot of communication — which the ESTP might find delightful. 

    Find out more tech and IT positions the ESTP can succeed in here.  

    6. ESTJ


    ESTJs are hardworking, rule-abiding, and organized people. There is a desire in them to bring structure to their surroundings. Additionally, the ESTJ enjoys the logical in an orderly manner. They find it hard to deal with anything spontaneous and unpredictable. However, like all personalities they might find fulfilling careers in the Tech and IT field. 

    Ideal Tech and IT careers for the ESTJ:

    • Chief Information Officer: The CIO position is a great one for the ESTJ personality type. This is a high ranking position. Basically, the CIO is someone who is the leader and decision-maker of the company. This job is a great fit for the ESTJ because it allows people with this personality type to implement strategies as well as pick select technologies to improve the organization. 

    7. ENTP


    ENTPs are idea people — they do well in careers that allow them to find innovative solutions to various challenges. Despite their intelligence and creativity, people with this personality type tend to get bored easily. Especially with tasks that require repetition and attention to detail. ENTPs are commonly found in the IT and Tech industry. They thrive in an environment that allows them to be flexible, creative, as well as tap into their ‘kooky’ personality to solve problems. 

    Ideal Tech and IT careers for the ENTP:

    • Computer Programmer: Programmers are responsible for creating code for various software. Basically, the role of a programmer is to code after a software developer designs a computer program. The role might sound boring to an ENTP at first glance, however, it is a role that requires a lot of communication to bring a new vision to life.

    • Software Developer: Software Developers are the masterminds behind various computer programs. This is a role that allows the ENTP to envision a program that they like and well, design it. However, this is a role that only an ENTP with an interest in computer science should pursue. 

    Fun Fact: BGC Group’s IT Manager Hiep has been typed as an ENTP! Pretty cool right? 

    8. ENTJ



    ENTJs are born leaders  — which is probably why they have a keen interest in pursuing leadership positions in various industries. They seek out problems within an organization in order to try and make meaningful changes. Unlike the ‘ENTP’, the ENTJ personality type enjoys roles that require attention to detail. They also value workplaces that allow them to tap into their logical brain. 

    Ideal Tech and IT careers for the ENTJ:

    • Systems Analyst: A System Analyst is someone who communicates with both the company’s client and vendor to source for viable projects. They oversee everything from start to finish. ENTJs might find this role an ideal career path as Systems Analyst also serve the role of change agents, to look for and design various organizational changes. 

    We hope that this article helps you dispel any stereotypes about people working in the Tech and IT industry. Despite common belief, this is not an industry where extroverted employees cannot succeed. 

    Which of these careers within the IT and Tech field are you most interested in pursuing? Share them with us in the comments section below!  

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