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    Education is the first step everyone takes in order to pursue our dream careers. As the Technology field in Singapore continually expands, we see more and more IT jobs being sought after by fresh graduates. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the different courses many take to break into Software Engineering. Not into the role of a Software Developer? 

    Thankfully, the IT and Tech industry in Singapore has a range of careers that might be more suited to your personality. As a technology recruitment agency, we’ve written multiple articles on the different jobs available in the tech industry here

    However, if you’re still considering to break into Software Development and Engineering. Below are some of the best Software Development related courses in Singapore we recommend: 

    A. National University of Singapore 




    Bachelor of Computing in Computer Science 

    Full course fees: Up to $38,200 
    Singaporeans and PR: Up to $8,200 (inclusive of MOE tuition grant) 

    When you sign up for this course, you’ll be working with one of the most prestigious universities in Singapore. It’s no coincidence that NUS is one of the most highly ranked computer schools in Asia. Modules such as Programming and Software Engineering are available in the course. In addition, students will be able to pick up a range of competitive soft skills such as communication and leadership skills. Students will also be able to pick up computing ethics in the university’s IT Professionalism module. 

    More details about the NUS Bachelor of Computing can be found on the website. Click here for more information. 

    B. Nanyang Technological University 




    Bachelor of Business (Business Analytics) and Engineering (Computer Engineering)

    Full course fees: Up to $31,970 
    Singaporeans and PR: $8,200 — $11,500 (subsidised by MOE)

    Did you know that both Computer Engineering and Computer Science degrees can lead to a career as a Software Developer? Combining your CS degree with a Business one might make you even more of a threat to other graduates in the same field. In fact, according to the IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) employers prefer IT graduates that are also business savvy. In this double degree course, students will be able to pick up subjects like Business Law, Engineering Mathematics as well as Introduction to Computational Thinking to name a few. 

    More details about the hybrid course can be found on NTUs website. Click here for more information. 

    C. Singapore University of Technology and Design 




    Information Systems Technology and Design (ISUTD)

    Full course fees: $50,950
    Singaporeans and PR: $14,300 — $24,300

    SUTD is a relatively new university but its reputation was once backed up by the prestigious MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Another interesting thing about SUTD’s Information System Technology and Design program is that students have the option of choosing to customize their own track. Students who choose the Computer Engineering track will learn a combination of computer science and electrical engineering. According to the website, students who sign up for this course will focus on two areas: Networking, which focuses on hardware and software. As well as Digital Systems, which focuses on building digital software. In addition, some core track modules include Machine Learning — a skill currently sought after in 2020

    More details about the Information Systems Technology and Design track on SUTD’s website. Click here for more information. 

    D. Singapore Management University 



    Full course fees: $24,500 — $44,770
    Singaporeans and PR: $11,450 — $16,000

    With SMU’s Computer Science degree you’ll get an in-depth training of Computer Science basics. This includes Programming Fundamentals where students will learn C as well as Data Management. Get a headstart on Programming with these free resources. Students will also be able to choose to focus on one of these three tracks: Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber-Physical Stems. Based on this Reddit review, the semester is split between Mathematics and Coding. 

    Fun fact: SMU allows prospective students to view the student’s final year project here. Check it out! 

    More details about the SMU Bachelor of Science in Computer Science on the university website. Click here for more information. 

    E. Kaplan Higher Education Singapore 



    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 

    Full course fees: $19,966.20
    Singaporeans and PR: $19,966.20

    Kaplan is one of the well-known private institutions of higher education here in Singapore. The school’s Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) degree is awarded by Murdoch University. Interestingly, the degree is recognized by the Australian Computer Society, an entity that is affiliated with the Singapore Computer Society. This might be a great option for working professionals looking to make a career switch to Software Development as it offers a part-time option. Additionally, students interested in pursuing a double degree can choose from a variety of courses at Kaplan Singapore. These courses include Business Information Systems, Management, and Web Communication. 

    More details about Kaplan Bachelor of Science in Computer Science on the university website. Click here for more information. 

    F. Singapore Polytechnic 



    Diploma in Computer Engineering  

    Full course fees: $10,800
    Singaporeans and PR: $2,900 — $6,000

    For secondary school students in Singapore, the DCPE by SP is a comprehensive program that you should consider. You have the option of choosing from a range of different specializations such as Smart City Design, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Software Programming, and Data Analytics to name a few. One of the things that make SP’s Diploma in Computer Engineering stand apart from the rest is the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) course. AIoT is a unique combination of Artificial Intelligence along with the Internet of Things, which SP claims gives students a better understanding of Computer Engineering. There is a lot to learn, ask, and discover about the course — consider asking them on the DCPE Facebook Group here

    More details about the Singapore Polytechnic Diploma in Computer Engineering on the school website. Click here for more information. 

    Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive. We will keep updating the courses available to make sure we cover everything from degrees to diplomas and programs available in Singapore. Keep a lookout for more updates to come! 

    Which of these courses are you looking forward to pursuing? Share them with us in the comments section below! 

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