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    Trying to decide which career path to pursue? Personality tests are a great tool to help you find your ideal career in a number of industries. As a tech recruitment agency, we’ve outlined several career paths to suit different introverted personalities, in the Tech and IT industry. 

    Before we get started, it is best to read up more on the Myers Briggs Personality Types and the MBTI Test. Have you discovered your type? Let’s figure out your dream career in Singapore’s Tech and IT industry below! 

    1. ISFP 


    Despite their introverted nature, the ISFP is a creative and outgoing personality. Most ISFPs are artistically inclined. However, someone with this personality does well in positions where they can directly see the impact of their results. Additionally, most ISFPs tend to pick careers in industries they’re passionate about. 

    Ideal Tech and IT careers for the ISFP: 

    • Web Designer: Since the ISFP is artistically inclined, web design might be the first choice for many ISFPs interested in the tech industry. A web designer has many roles ranging from layout and coding of a website to its design. In addition, the web designer is also responsible for the website’s maintenance.

    • Support Analyst: Despite their introverted demeanor, the ISFP enjoys socializing and interacting with people. The role of a Support Analyst is to provide technical support to users. As a Support Analyst, you’ll be responding to both hardware and software problems. Generally, a Diploma or Degree in Computer Technology will be needed.  

    2. ISFJ 


    The ISFJ can be described as a quiet and responsible personality. This is an individual that enjoys structure and strives to maintain that in their lives. As observers, people with this personality learn best with a hands-on approach. 

    Ideal Tech and IT careers for the ISFJ:

    • Software Developer: These are the people responsible for writing and developing code. A big part of the job would be to continuously test a code to make sure that it works. Skills needed for this job are programming, mathematics, and the ability to understand operating systems and networks.

    • Information Security Analyst: Cyber attacks are a growing problem in most Singapore workplaces. As such, there is a growing need for more individuals to protect your company’s information. To break into this job, you’ll need to have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related course. Some organizations might require a Master’s degree in Business Administration. 

    • Administrator: There are many types of ‘Administrator’ roles within the Tech and IT industry. The roles range from Database Administrator to Computer Systems Administrator. A Database Administrator runs the digital side of the office. These are the people who ensure that the organization’s database cannot be hacked. On the other hand, a Computer Systems Administrator is someone who ensures that the company’s servers are running smoothly. 

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    3. INFP 


    The INFP is a dreamy and generally laid back personality. These introverts have a knack for learning new languages ⁠— which can be useful within the IT and Tech industry. To most tech recruitment agencies, the INFP might be an odd choice for the field. However, most INFPs are able to use their ‘Intuition’ and ‘Feeling’ to work in a deeply technical field. 

    Ideal Tech and IT careers for the INFP: 

    • Software Programmer: In order to code, you’ll need to learn a programming language (i.e. Python, C, C++, SQL), which the INFP is good at. INFP programmers claim that their ‘Intuition’ and ‘Feeling’ qualities can be useful when it comes to coding. This is a personality type that cares deeply about other people — and programmers often create code for other Software Programmers. 

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    • Front End Developer: Much like their artsy counterpart (ISFP), the INFP also has a flair for the creative. The role of a Front End Developer is to convert design files into code (e.g. HTML, Javascript, C++). This is an ideal job for the INFP personality as most INFPs tend to choose careers that allow them to exercise their creativity. 

    4. INFJ 


    The INFJ is a personality type that is future-oriented. As such, technology might come naturally to them. Despite being a “Feeler”, the INFJ can excel in the field of Computer Science. When an INFJ taps into their “Thinking” side, they do well in the Tech and IT field. 

    Ideal Tech and IT careers for the INFJ: 

    • Software Programmer: Just like the INFP, the INFJ personality is particularly gifted when it comes to languages. A career in Software Programming allows the INFJ to utilize their natural gift of language by learning programming languages of their choice. 

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    • Desktop Support: The INFJ is a personality that is deeply devoted to helping others. The role of a Desktop Support is to provide advice and fix software issues (e.g. company network, phone, customer support for computers). This responsibility extends to hardware issues as well. INFJs might prefer to have a career in Desktop Support as it allows this personality to inspire and directly help individuals compared to the “cold” environment of a cybersecurity specialist, for example.

    • Technical Writer: Despite being a “Feeling” personality, the INFJ is an analytical one. It takes more than good language and grammatical skills to succeed as a Technical Writer. These writers will have to take a complex idea and break it down for the general public - which requires both problem-solving and creative skills. Two skills that the INFJ is gifted in. 

    5. ISTP 


    Generally, it is hard to find ISTP personalities in the field of Computer Science. Although they’re skilled technicians, the ISTP prefers hands-on work. Additionally, as a “Sensor”, the ISTP might find programming to be too theoretical and boring

    Ideal Tech and IT careers for the ISTP: 

    • Computer Hardware Engineers: ISTPs have a natural ability to problem-solving and a knack for the mechanical. As a Computer Hardware Engineer, the ISTP will be able to work with a number of devices such as routers, circuit boards, memory devices, and processors. Additionally, this is a role that requires a lot of engineering (i.e. designing, developing, and testing), which is right up the alley for most ISTPs. 

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    6. INTP 


    INTPs are analytical individuals with a need to understand systems and why they work. Individuals with this personality type love working with abstract concepts and problems. In fact, the more complex a problem is, the more interested the INTP is. However, despite the INTPs knack for the analytical and theoretical, people with this personality type are often procrastinators. It might be slightly difficult for the INTP to work in a career with tight deadlines. 

    Ideal Tech and IT careers for the INTP: 

    • Software Developer: Due to the INTP's interest in abstract concepts and theory based problems, a career as a Software Developer can be ideal. In addition to being an analytical role, this career allows the INTP to create and design computer software, as well as operating systems for a variety of uses. The ability to explore, and the lack of concrete rules makes this career ideal for these rebels.

    • Research Scientists: A career that allows the INTP to research and write new theories endlessly? Of course, it’ll be an appealing one to these personalities. Computer and Information Research Scientists work to create new approaches to current computing technology. As well as find ways 

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    7. INTJ


    Much like the INTP, INTJs have the innate ability to see patterns in the big picture. Individuals with this personality type place an emphasis on the logical as opposed to the emotional. As such, most INTJs end up in industries like IT and Tech, or other areas that involve organizing and strategic planning.  

    Ideal Tech and IT careers for the INTJ: 

    • Cybersecurity: INTJs are perfectionists who enjoy analysing and spending their time identifying patterns. Which is why the role of a cybersecurity analyst is perfect for individuals with this personality type. The role of a cybersecurity analyst is to plan and carry out preventative measures to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems. Additionally, they’ll have to continually test the company’s security system over and over again to look for potential breaches.

    • Software Engineer: These are the people behind every computer program you’ve used and seen. The day to day responsibilities of a Software Engineer include developing and designing applications. Other responsibilities include upgrading, testing and analysing both new and old applications.  

    This is the introvert edition of our MBTI series. Don't identify as an Introvert? Keep an eye out for our extroverted version! Click here for more career articles for introverts

    What kind of IT and Tech job are you looking to break into? Share them with us in the comments section below! 

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