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    If you’re living and working in Singapore, chances are that the latest Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is a hot topic that is on the tip of everyone’s tongues. As more and more people in the community express their distress about how the coronavirus is being handled. There is also an increased interest surrounding the high demand for healthcare screeners and healthcare staff activated to man Singapore’s bustling entryways and tourist hotspots. 

    But, like anything that’s trending on Singapore’s social media, chances are that misinformation and false news have also made its way around the internet. And nothing feeds misinformation more than panic. Fret not Wuhan Worriers! As a trusted recruitment agency in Singapore, we would like to take it upon ourselves to clear some of the common misconceptions related to temperature screeners and healthcare assistants needed in the industry. 

    Here are five commonly asked questions regarding the highly demanded role for temperature screeners at BGC:

    1.  What’s the actual hourly rate for temperature screeners?


    And yes, we’re referring to the false WhatsApp messages, widely circulated online. The messages forwarded claimed that several other recruitment agencies were hiring temperature screeners at the impressive rate of up to S$48 per hour. Whilst other reputable newspapers claimed that the hourly rates for temperature screeners will go up to S$32 per hour.

    As a recruitment agency in Singapore who had filled over 200 temperature screeners (as of 31 Jan 2020), at short notice over the CNY weekends, our job ads have been transparent in stating that the official ranges of our temporary staffers are reliably in the range of S$10 — S$12.50 per hour. Like most hourly paid positions in Singapore, the rates will double when the shift falls on a public holiday. Temperature screeners hired and working during the Chinese New Year period would have been paid double the hourly shift rate.

    But as CNY draws to a close, you can infer from the full list of Singapore public holidays in 2020 below on when you can expect double pay (assuming the threat of the coronavirus hasn’t died down by then):


    2.  What are the list of responsibilities for our Healthcare Assistants?

    No, you will not be responsible for segregating patients both infected (or suspected) of the Wuhan Coronavirus. This is a heavy task left to qualified healthcare professionals. The official duties of temperature screeners will include:

    • Conduct temperature taking

    • Identifying fever cases 

    • Assisting the nurses in handling fever cases 

    • Answering and assisting passenger queries regarding temperature screenings and hospital evacuations 

    • Helping with administrative duties

    • Adhering to Singapore’s national infection control standards 

    • Ensuring proper conduct and manner is maintained at all times

    3. What are some of the safety measures for temperature screeners?

    If you’re asking yourself if the pay is worth the risk of contracting the coronavirus.. let us recap this information for you. As of 31 January 2020, there are only 13 confirmed Wuhan coronavirus cases in Singapore, all of which were arrivals from Wuhan. 

    So despite what fear mongering information that WhatsApp, your mother, and your kiasi friends could be saying, - the chances of you contracting the virus are slim, if you’re taking care of your personal hygiene.

    Here are some standard precautions that our Healthcare Assistants have to follow:

    • Wash and sanitise their hands before and after eating and using the toilet. This practice is critical as it reduces the risk for the transmission of infections.

    • Wear and keep their masks on. Masks prevent droplet spread as well as prevent the inhalation of smaller particles (i.e. viral particles).

    • Avoid coming to work if unwell. Remember the SARS song popularized by Singapore’s national icon Phua Chu Kang? Also note to all: let’s not be a wayang king during times of crisis and stay home if you’re feeling unwell. Keep in mind that if this happens, you should inform your duty supervisor beforehand.

    • Keep their personal hygiene in check. Daily baths and the use of deodorants should not be a stranger to most. Change of clothes will also be provided to staffers should any bodily secretions (i.e. mucus, vomit) come in contact.

    • Use personal protective clothing (PPE). If masks, gloves, and gowns have been provided for their safety, they need to wear them. The type of PPE provided are often chosen according to the pathogen, bacteria, and viruses in circulation. This means that the PPE provided is the best way to guard against the Wuhan Coronavirus. 

    4. But the ad says that there’s a potential to earn S$20-S$25 per hour! Tip: Look at the job requirements.

    If you’re interested in applying for a temporary job during this period, you might have seen some of BGC’s ads around social media and well-known job boards. However, for positions of the stated pay range, you will need to be a certified staff nurse registered under the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) will be accepted. Additionally, the responsibilities for these nurses will differ slightly. Nurses will have to assist doctors and come in close contact with patients. 

    5. Can the pay be higher?

    Unfortunately... no. :( 

    We are in the people business and management has decided that now is not the opportune time to make huge profits out of an international crisis. BGC Group will strive to do our best for our healthcare clients who urgently need support during this time - reaching into our strong database to recruit high volumes of headcounts to ensure that we meet their general requirements. So what we earn purely depends on the number of headcounts required for us to meet. 

    Contrary to popular misconceptions about recruitment agencies, at least at BGC Group, we do not take sales commissions off our candidates to “squash” down the salary ranges of our candidates. In fact, the BGC team does not work on a sales commission model. As much as possible, as HR outsourcing specialists, our job is to propose to our client what the current market supplies and demands - and this includes fair salary and compensation benefits. 

    6. Is there insurance?

    Yes, all temporary staff contracted under BGC Group will be covered by insurance. 

    We hope that this article will help clear up some of the misconceptions floating around regarding temperature screeners and healthcare assistant roles for BGC. If you are open to temp job opportunities in Singapore, check out BGC Singapore’s job portal here.

    Alternatively, if you’re interested in the role after understanding the R&Rs of a temperature screener (healthcare assistant) or nurse, click here. Wishing everyone a happy lunar new year! Stay safe, everyone!


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