• Why a Holiday Job is Important For Students

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    The school holidays are a good time for students to try their hand at a part-time, casual, or temp position in Singapore. 


    Most students (A-levels, poly, university, and O-level) have one thing in common: they’re broke. But while some rely on an allowance from their parents, others choose to forge their own money by working during the holiday season. 

    Whether you’re looking to intern or work part-time, casual, or temp job. Below are some reasons why a holiday job is important for students, looking to build lifelong training skills: 

    1. Better career prospects  


    Interestingly, research shows that students who studied approximately 33 hours per week whilst studying gain an edge compared to those who don’t. Despite the type of job the students worked as the students surveyed were seen gaining better soft skills. Additionally, these students also learned to job hunt and network better. These skills often led to better career prospects.

    2. Understand the “9 to 5” lifestyle 


    There is a misconception that the “9 to 5” lifestyle refers solely to a job that starts from 9am to 5pm. Fortunately, this doesn’t ring true in our current day and age. When we say a “9 to 5” lifestyle, we’re simply referring to our current working lifestyle. Part time and casual holiday jobs are also great for students. These jobs teaches both teenagers and young adults how to balance both their working and everyday life. 

    Some skills that part-time, casual, and temporary jobs will impart on students include: 

    • Delivering deadlines: KPI’s and office deadlines will help students understand the importance of delivering deadlines both in university and their future jobs. Learning to manage deadlines also allow young employees to learn how to manage their time and prioritise their responsibilities.

    • Cultural awareness: Despite being a multicultural society, students in Singapore are often not exposed to members of other nationalities. Working a part-time job might just expose you to people with a diverse range of backgrounds. This could be an asset as most corporations and organizations are interested in recruiting candidates who can get along with employees of all races, genders, and more.

      Learn more about the importance of diversity at work here.

    • Business skills: All universities and future employers look for past experiences on resumes to determine if a candidate is hireable or not. Jobs often require workers to improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Having a job at a young age also prepares the employee to handle constructive criticism - which can be devastating to hear and deal with for a new employee. 

    3. Extra spending money 


    Of course one of the biggest benefits of having a summer job is earning extra spending money. Whether you’re looking to earn extra money for your vacations, spending money for university and textbooks, or treating yourself to something expensive, a summer job is the way to go. 

    Pro-tip: We’ve made a list of affordable vacation spots for broke students here. Who says you need to travel far for a good holiday with your family or closest friends? 

    4. Boost your resume 


    “How do I apply for my first job when I don’t have the experience for my first job?”, is a question we often receive. Apart from internships, a relevant part-time position can help boost your resume and land you that ideal first job. 

    Employers are more likely inclined to hire fresh graduates with some experience in the working world. Why? Well, it’s simple. Having relevant experience shows your future employer that you’re a responsible, motivated, and determined individual. Especially if you’re someone who is able to hold down a part-time job whilst studying. 

    This is one reason why having prior experience, even if it is a part-time, casual, and temporary job increases your chances of landing a full-time job once you graduate. 

    5. Extra time for your much needed ‘R&R’ 


    We get it, most students avoid working during the holidays because they want some time to rest and recuperate. Others, on the other hand, might find the working life to be extremely draining. But working part-time allows students to have the best (experience) of both worlds. 

    You’ll still be able to work and gain useful experience and skills without investing more than 10 hours a day at a tiring job. 

    The school holidays might sound like a tempting time for students to do nothing but rest and recuperate. However, investing part of your time in a relevant temp, casual, or part-time job during the holidays provide a range of benefits for your future. 

    Looking for a job to help you occupy your time during the upcoming December holidays? Check out BGC Singapore’s job board here for more information.  

    What are some benefits of working a part-time, casual, temp, holiday job in Singapore? Share with us in the comments section below!

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