• How to Use You Admin Position as a Stepping Stone to Greatness

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    Admin positions are some of the more popular part-time and holiday jobs available. Despite this, not many students and fresh grads are aware that an admin position is often the ticket to many industries. 

    In fact, an admin position is a great “stepping stone” career. Which means that even some temporary or part-time admin experience might be beneficial for your resume. 


    Here are 6 ways you can use your temp admin job as a stepping stone to greater job opportunities: 

    1. You can get your foot into the door of any industry 


    Think about it. An administrative position is one of the only roles that exists virtually anywhere in the world. Job candidates looking to get their foot into the door of any industry (e.g. advertising, legal, fintech, IT) might find admin roles to be a great way into the industry.

    We say this because as a front facing job, an administrator is someone who deals with customers, supervisors, and even clients. It is a good role for you to meet and network with people who might just be able to help you land your next job.

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    2. Study the industry up close 


    An admin role allows you to observe and study the industry up close and personal. If you think about it, an admin is someone who are the eyes and the ears of the organization. They schedule client meetings, and sometimes sit in these meetings to help with note taking. Should you land an admin job, we encourage you to study the corporate structure of the company to familiarize yourself with how the organization works. 

    Additionally, the role of an admin is a varied one, with many responsibilities and tasks. Your typical day as an administrator will never be dull, as you’ll be engaging in a variety of tasks.

    Some unique admin tasks available today include:  

    • Handling and managing budgets 

    • Planning company events

    • Managing communications and social media 

    • Assisting with hiring and recruiting 

    The sheer number of tasks available will also provide admin assistants with a lot of job satisfaction. 

    3. Respectable career path 


    Admin roles are great for generalists. Since admins are often “jack of all trades” by nature, the job often requires candidates to be flexible and willing to learn. Despite this, there is still a pretty good career trajectory for those considering to apply for an admin job.

    As admin assistants gain more experience and insights, they’re able to progress to more senior roles such as an executive administrative assitant or even an office manager. Of course this career trajectory takes time and loyalty. While the career path for an admin assitant varies according to the organization, a degree is usually needed to progress. 

    So, don’t fear. There is some form of upward mobility if you choose to stick within the administrative position. 

    4. Networking opportunities a-plenty 


    As the “face” of the organization, you’ll be sure to encounter a number of networking opportunities as an admin executive. Working in admin allows individuals to communicate, collaborate, and link up with a wide range of people both in and out of your organization.

    One of the many roles of an administrator is to keep everyone aligned. Which means that admins are responsible for creating and maintaining lines of interdepartment communication. Do this well and you’ll not only end up with excellent communication skills. But you’ll also forge a number of close working relationships. And we all know that networking is the key to better career opportunities.

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    5. Opportunities abroad


    The admin industry is one that will impart a range of skills - which would be a huge boost for both your career and resume. Additionally, the transferable skills earned from your experience as an administrative executive might be useful overseas as well. This is definitely good news if you plan on moving out of Singapore in the future. 

    Alternatively, if you choose to stick to your organization for the long haul. You’ll be rewarded with a number of opportunities to go up the career ladder.

    5. Less burnout breakdowns  


    Burnouts are a serious medical condition that occurs after a prolonged work stress. Burnouts are actually relatively common, affecting Singaporeans in temp, part-time, and full-time positions. 

    An administrative position is not always easy. Tackling a variety of different tasks might be terrifying to some. However, as a stepping stone position, an admin role will be able to provide you with both the financial support you need as well as time to explore other career pathways and options. 

    Looking for an administrative position for your next temp, part-time, or holiday job in Singapore? Visit BGC Singapore’s job board to browse for more job opportunities.  

    What are other unsung benefits of an administrative job? Let us know in the comments section below!

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