• Best Secret Santa Presents Under $20 For Your Office BFF

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    Christmas is almost here! Which means that the era of secret santa and figuring out what to buy is here! 

    Some might find the Christmas week to be tough on their wallets. But we’ve managed to come up with a few ideas featuring affordable gifts for all types of Singapore employees. 

    Below, are some of the best secret santa presents that you can get under $20. 

    1. Planners - for colleagues who love to plan


    Sure you can keep track of things on your phone but sometimes, the best way to plan is to use, well...a planner. You can never go wrong with a snazzy looking planner or even a patterned notebook with a few pens thrown in. Some affordable ones include this Friends themed 2020 planner ($10) or even this unique A3 Plan Ahead planner from Typo ($9). There’s even a Beauty and the Beast ($10) themed notebook for that one Disney loving colleague we all seem to have. Or if you want to go even cheaper, there are some gorgeous planners available from Muji and Shopee that won’t break your bank! 

    2. Water bottles - for your gym loving colleagues 

    Does your colleague give you #fitspo tips? Do you see them rushing out during lunch or after work in gym shorts and a dri-fit top? If you answered yes to these questions, you might have a gym bro as one of your colleagues. Heh.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to surprise them with a huge standing desk. Keep your gift practical and affordable by getting a water bottle. There’s a variety to choose from! But as gym goers ourselves, we enjoy the collapsible water bottle ($15), or even this SWELL inspired stainless steel bottle ($11.88).

    Some of our other favourites include these selections from Typo:

    Whatever you do, try not to buy a glass water bottle. Sure, they can be shatter proof but the idea of a glass bottle falling off a treadmill or getting smashed into bits by a barbell sounds terrifying. 

    3. Cardigans, humidifiers, or a cutlery set  - for the OL’s in your office 

    There are two things office ladies complain about: how cold it is and how sick they often are. Which is why getting them an affordable yet chic cardigan or a usb humidifier might be the perfect gift for these anti-aircon crusaders. 

    Some adorable cardigans and usb humidifiers are: 

    Another useful and practical gift to get OL’s is a simple reusable cutlery set. Get the ones with the metal straw, all packed nicely into a zippered pouch. This 6-piece Steel Cutlery Set Combination ($6.99 – $8.99) comes in a variety of colours including rose gold and rainbow. Sounds like a great buy right? 

    4. Succulents - for those colleagues with the green thumbs


    Succulents are a great way to brighten up the office space and desk. The many benefits of having plants in your office include range from stress levels, increased productivity, boost creativity, and even help reduce noise levels. Plus they’re a good gift for your younger Millennial and Generation Z employees.

    Succulents don’t have to be expensive. They’re available online from nurseries such as Rabbit Island and Candy Floriculture from $3.40. In fact, you can get them for cheaper at NTUC.

    If you play your cards right, you might find some rarer succulents with the help of online marketplaces like Carousell and even Facebook! Don’t worry about the succulent dying early either. They’re hardier than leafy plants. 

    5. Fave Vouchers - for the deal hunter  

    Food is the best way to anyone’s heart. Instead of buying your colleague lunch, try making it special by gifting your colleague a food voucher. That way, they can still pick out their favourite dish from a place that they usually eat. And they get to use the voucher anytime they want. 

    Fave is a great place to shop for food vouchers. There’s a range of food options from restaurants such as QQ Rice and Dosirak. Or you can pick a restaurant that they frequent often.
    Other vouchers that your colleagues will be lucky to receive include Grab vouchers. Who wouldn’t want to get $20 off their next ride? 

    6. Office stationery - for the new hire

    The Christmas season is a good way to bond together with the newest member of the team. But if they’re new, it might be hard to figure out a gift that best matches their personality. An easy way out is buying...well stationary. That way, they’ll be sure to use it.

    Or if you want to get a unique office staple for your new colleague, mugs are a great gift! Typo, ASOS, and of course stores like Lazada and Shopee are awesome places to find the perfect midday mug!

    Looking for more gift ideas? 

    How about purchasing courses for your beloved colleague to help them upskill themselves? 

    Check out these articles if your colleague is looking to jump into Fintech or HR:

    What are some good Christmas gifts to get your colleagues for less than $20? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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