• Best Secret Santa Gifts for Introverted Colleagues!

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    We use the Myer-Brigg Test Indicator (MBTI) for everything. It’s used to identify personality types, how individuals with differing personalities take in different information, and even the types of jobs they’ll excel in!

    Below, are some of the best secret santa gifts for introverted colleagues: 


    BGC Group MBTI - Gifts for INTP

    Much like the ISTP, the INTP is someone who is fascinated by things that are logical. Known as the Architect, individuals with this personality types want to understand the world around them. Additionally, these mysterious individuals prefer to work independently or alone, which makes it harder to get them a gift that truly speaks to their personalities. The INTP individual can often be found in the IT and Tech field. 

    The ideal gift

    To win the heart of your INTP colleague, you might want to get a gift that is practical and speaks to their personality. INTPs are fast paced and busy thinkers who love computers. The ideal gift would be a nice new mouse or if you have the cash to splurge, a mechanical keyboard. 


    BGC Group MBTI - Gifts for ISTP

    The ISTP is renowned for both their creativity and their logical way of thinking. These personality types are suited for positions that lets them engage their mechanical mind. ISTP will do well in positions such as Architecture, Aviation, Security, IT and Tech, and Medicine. 

    The ideal gift

    For an ISTP, the ideal gift will be course subscriptions to help them upskill themselves. Just remember to pick a course that lets them use their natural problem solving skills! 

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    BGC Group MBTI - Gifts for INFP

    The INFP personality is known for looking at the world with rose tinted glasses. These individuals are known for their idealistic values and they want their work to have a purpose that’s more than a paycheck. The INFP is often found pursuing creative pursuits in the Communications, Arts and Design, and Education. However, unlike their ENFP counterparts, the INFP finds it hard to network or communicate on a face-to -face basis. 

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    The ideal gift

    The perfect gift for the INFP would be one that reflects who they are and their values. Keep in mind that this gift doesn’t have to have a practical purpose to win the heart of the INFP. Some gift ideas that speak to these personalities include a book or a piece of jewellery that you’ve picked personally. Other ideas include tickets to experiences that they enjoy. Think museums, concerts, art exhibitions, or even day trips. 


    BGC Group MBTI - Gifts for ISFP

    Despite their reserved nature, the ISFP is known for their spontaneous personality. They’re known to be some of the most artistic types out there. You’ll often find ISFPs working in quiet and cooperative workspaces. They’re often working in positions within the Fashion, Medicine, Therapy, and Psychology field. 

    The ideal gift

    Unlike the INFP, the ISFP values practical gifts that appeals to their sense of artistry. Something small like a mug with a nice quote on it, would do well. Or even a ticket to an art museum might be the right gift to get your ISFP colleague! 


    BGC Group MBTI - Gifts for INFJ

    If you know an INFJ, you’ll know that they’re some of the most complex personalities around. They’re the most outgoing out of all introverts, but they get exhausted around people. Much like the INFP, INFJ individuals are idealists. Also known as the Counselor, the INFJ is known for their nurturing nature. If you’re working in industries like Education, Business, Psychology and the Arts, chances are you’re working with an INFJ. 

    The ideal gift

    You’ll want to find a gift that speaks personally to the INFJ as well as simultaneously allows them to tap into their nurturing nature. The perfect gift idea would be one that is unique and personal. These include planners and journals, or even a small sentimental gift that connects a fond memory of the both of you. Alternatively, plants will also make a great desk addition for these nurturers. 

    Looking for more gift ideas? We’ve got a list of some affordable gift ideas for under $20 here.


    BGC Group MBTI - Gifts for ISFJ

    The ISFJ is also known as the Protector personality. They’re someone who aims to protect and rarely strays away from a set, set of rules. Which is why ISFJ individuals can often be found working in offices with established guidelines, that allows them to complete their duties efficiently and effectively.

    ISFJs can often be found in positions where rules and law and order take charge. The ideal career paths for them will be in industries such as Engineering, Food and Science, Healthcare, or even Sales and Management. 

    The ideal gift

    Attention to detail is what sets the ISFJ personality apart from the rest. And they expect everyone in their lives to pay attention to their special interests. The perfect gift for an ISFJ colleague would be a personalized calendar filled with pictures taken from their social media. Or even novels that appeals to their interests will be great! 


    BGC Group MBTI - Gifts for INTJ

    Ahh the Mastermind. INTJs often appear to their colleagues as aloof individuals. Which might make it troubling when it comes to finding the right gift for them. People with this personality type want a career that is both challenging to them, and allows them to use their analytical brain.

    The ideal gift

    INTJs are innovative and logical individuals. It makes sense to get them innovative gifts that speaks to their logical minds. Can’t figure out what that is? Well, certificates for online courses that allow them to upskill themselves might be the ideal gift to the INTJ. 

    Learn more about the importance of upskilling in Singapore here


    BGC Group MBTI - Gifts for ISTJ

    Just like ISFJ, ISTJs are individuals who thrive in careers with set rules and regulations. People with this personality type love systems, rules, and well-placed bureaucracy. To them, the idea of a fulfilling career is one filled with order, logic, factual information. In fact, their ideal workplace is one with little room for deviation. 

    The ideal gift

    ST types are logical individuals with a soft spot for gadgets. Whilst a new Kindle or iPhone might be appealing to some of them, they’re quite heavy on the wallet. Instead, try getting ISTJs accessories to help them spruce their personal gadgets up. A shatter-proof phone cover that is tasteful looking might just be the perfect gift without breaking the bank! 

    What are some other gifts that’ll be perfect for your introverted colleague? Let us know in the comments section below!

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