• Why You Should Start Job Searching During the Holiday Season

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    Job seekers tend to avoid searching for positions during the holiday season.

    Simply because it is a hectic time of the year and many find it challenging to prep for the holidays, plan their vacation, and hunting for a job. Which is a big mistake! Despite being a hectic time of the year, the holiday season is actually one of the best times to find jobs in Singapore. 


    Here are 7 reasons why everyone (especially students) should start searching for job vacancies in Singapore during the December holidays! 

    1. Hiring managers are in a better mood 

    It’s harder to stay petty and upset when you’ve got a lot of exciting activities planned for the month! Which is probably one reason why hiring managers are in a better and happier mood.
    When people are in a better and more joyous mood, they are more forgiving of the interview and resume blunders you might’ve made.

    But remember, this isn’t an excuse to consistently make blunders throughout the interview and application process! You might want to check out our article, “what to expect when you’re expecting an interview” here

    2. Less competition around 

    Not everyone is blessed with the gift of strict time management and multitasking. For some people, it is easier to focus on the season than job hunt. Mainly because job hunting is a stressful and boring part of the to-do list for many. Which is all the better for you multitaskers out there! One way to be successful when hunting for jobs during the holiday season is to stay organized.

    Some tips to help you stay organized during your job hunt are:

    • Create a job application spreadsheet on Excel: This is a great way to help you refine your Microsoft Excel skills (find out why you should care here). Try to include details such as the company’s name, contact details, date applied, and application summary.

    • Track interviews on Google calendar: You can track scheduled interviews and application deadlines on your Google calendar. Additionally, if you have a Gmail account, it’ll be easier for you to store the spreadsheets you’ve created, along with your resume and cover letters in your Google Drive.

    • Simplify your search: The best way to keep on top of things during a hectic season is to keep things simple. We recommend using a recruitment agency to help you job hunt.

    Learn more about the benefits of using a Singapore recruitment agency as a candidate here

    3. Employers are still hiring

    Unfortunately for employers (but fortunately for you), employees quit at any time of the year. So don’t for one minute think that recruiters and companies are not on the lookout for talent. Don’t believe us? Just browse through some job boards (e.g. Jobstreet, Linkedin, BGC Singapore) to see for yourself!

    4. It’s a good time to try out jobs  

    Long vacations means that employers are either left to scramble and accomplish the tasks of several missing employees. The holiday season also brings about a new range of responsibilities for companies, looking to hit certain goals before the year ends. A smart employer will usually hire temp staff to help alleviate the bulk of the responsibilities.

    As a candidate, if you’re being hired for a temp, part-time, or casual roles during the holiday season. There is a possibility that you might get to keep it, if you’re able to make a good impression. Why not take the chance?

    Click here for some tips to help you convert a casual, temp, or part-time job to a full-time gig

    5. Use employee discounts to buy Christmas presents 

    Good news to those who celebrate Christmas! Working a retail job during the holiday season is a good way to buy gifts with big employee discounts. A perfect option for the upcoming season of gift giving! 

    Speaking of money, broke students looking to earn a little bit more cash for their holiday adventures can do so with a short term job in December! Now when you’re making a list for your upcoming 2020 goals and resolutions, you can also make your wishlist as well. Or perhaps the idea of starting the new year with a bit more cash might help you alleviate some stress. 

    6. It’s a good excuse to network 

    Networking could be your key to landing your next big (career) break! The holiday season is a good time to check in on your old employers, colleagues, and friends. Track them down on Linkedin or any other social media website (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and try to re-establish a relationship with them! It might lead to a job offer (or two). 

    7. You owe yourself one  

    It’s easy to get distracted and want to procrastinate during the holiday season. Some of us just can’t help but think about all the overseas vacations, the different events, shopping trips, we have planned. But this joyous mood is not going to last long.

    Unless you’re content at your current workplace, your satisfaction is not going to last long. Instead of putting your job search on hold, try to accomplish your goal of landing a good job position. The worst that can happen is not being able to land a job that you’ve applied for.

    However, persistence might lead to the best case scenario, a new job for the new year. All while everyone else scrambles to find a new job in January 2020. 

    Every holiday season might be a daunting and busy time. But don’t let that hinder you from organizing a job search! Companies will still be on the lookout for talents. And you could be the one for them. 

    Are you looking to job hunt during the December holiday season? Check out BGC Singapore’s job portal here

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