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    Part-time and casual jobs in Singapore are a rite of passage for most students. It’s the mark of a true blue Singaporean. But most part-time and casual labour jobs in Singapore kinda...suck.

    Temporary and part-time jobs in Singapore suck because:

    A. They pay too little
    B. They offer no transferable skills
    C. The hours are too long

    We’ve heard some real bad horror stories, from students who witnessed unruly customers with strange requests (watch the video here). But if that doesn’t scare you, here are some of the best high paying casual and temporary jobs available in Singapore. 

    1. Receptionists

    Rates: Up to $10 per hour 



    What it is: A receptionist is a front of house, administrative position. Their duties vary and encompasses a range of responsibilities including greeting visitors, answering enquiries, and operating the organization’s telecommunications system. 

    Of course, receptionists based in different organizations will have a range of varying ad-hoc tasks to conduct as well. Try to pick a job that offers you a hand in practicing a wide range of responsibilities.

    Why it’s good: You’ll pick up a range of highly important skills ranging from verbal communication skills to listening skills. Other additional skills employees will pick up include:

    • Customer service and customer focused skills 

    • Organization skills 

    • Supply management 

    • Telephone skills 

    • Problem solving skills 

    • Interpersonal and extroverted skills 

    2. Telesales Executive

    Rates: $7 - $10 per hour 



    What it is: Telesales executive basically sell products and services (e.g. insurance) to customer leads over the phone. Like any other sales related roles, most employees have a weekly target and/or sales KPI to achieve. 

    There are two main types of telesales executive roles: inbound sales and outbound sales. Inbound sales executives mainly deal with the company’s existing customers. Whilst outbound sales executives sell to prospective customers. 


    Why it’s good: Those working in this organization will gain a wealth of skills, thanks to their constant communication with customers. These skills include: 

    • Good communication skills 

    • Great sales and negotiation skills 

    • Ability to work under stressful conditions 

    • Telephone skills 

    • Teamwork skills 

    3. Holiday Retail Assistants 

    Rates: $8 per hour 



    What it is: Basically a retail job during the holiday season. The job of a holiday retail assistant differs according to companies.But some common responsibilities include handling customer enquiries, operating and managing cash register and cash flow, achieving established sales goals, as well as handling customer complaints.

    Other key tasks include maintaining the presentation and display of the store, as well as changing the products, signage, as well as in-store displays.  

    Why it’s good: Apart from the standard soft skills (i.e. teamwork skills, time management skills), you’ll also be able to pick up useful skills such as:

    • Improved confidence

    • Business know-hows: For students working as retail assistants, this could be their first time being exposed business stratergies. It’s also a great learning process, allowing first time employees to think deeply about how they can get the business reach its goals.

    • Basic computer and office skills: As a retail associate, it is likely that you will need to learn how to use a specific computer software (e.g. POS a.k.a point of sales system). But this shows future hiring managers that you’re an employee willing to learn new software. 


    4. Attractions Crew
    Rates: From $7 to $9 per hour



    What it is: The term attractions crew is a broad one and covers a range of roles from attraction operations to visitor guide. However, despite the wide range of roles, some of the common responsibilities include interacting with visitors when required, and ensuring the safety of all visitors at all times.

    The best part about working as an attractions crew is perhaps the exciting locations. Imagine getting to travel to theme parks, museums, and science centres for work and interacting with visitors of all ages!

    Why it’s good: If constantly interacting with visitors does not make your communication skills more efficient, then nothing else will. However, you can expect to pick up a range of useful “hands on” skills such as:

    • Technical skills: Those employed as part of the operations team might get to experience some “hands-on” responsibilities (e.g. animal handling, theme park operators).

    • Business acumen

    • Marketing skills: Employees stationed at retail or food and beverage stalls might need to market ongoing promotions to improve sales.

    • Leadership skills and the ability to delegate tasks accordingly


    5. Tutor 

    Rates: Up to $20 per hour 


    Image: eduKate Punggol English Maths Science Tutors Small Group Tuition 


    What it is: Are you getting great marks in school? You might want to consider tutoring as a major form of side income. Tutoring is perhaps one of the most lucrative part time jobs available with most entry level teachers earning anywhere from $15 to $20 per hour. 

    Unfortunately, the high price somes with some drawbacks. Singapore has one of the highest standards of education worldwide. Which means that you can expect to deal with students and their parents under tremendous pressure. 

    Additionally, it can also be hard to earn money and gain clients when you’re first starting out as a tuition teacher. You will need to find your own clients and try to build a bigger base from there. However, tuition is big business in Singapore. The competition to make it out there is tough. 


    Why it’s good: Trying to establish your service in a competitive field alone can provide a list of beneficial skills. 

    These can include:

    • Teaching skills: When it comes to teaching, there is no one skill that can be considered as a definite teaching skill. However, you’ll develop good listening skills, excellent verbal communication skills, and a passion for teaching which can enhance your teaching skills.

    • Sales and marketing skills: In order to find new clients, you’ll need to tap into your sales and marketing skills. You’ll be able to develop better sales skills when you need to identify whether a student is a worthy client or not. Plus, imagine all the graphic design and marketing skills that you’ve accumulated from all the advertising you’ll be doing.

    • Ability to encourage and monitor open dialogue: This is a skill that will definitely come in handy in your future career. Mediating skills is especially appreciated during meetings and even client pitches. Usually, employees who posess excellent mediating skills will also have great negotiation skills.

    6. Stockroom and Warehouse Assistant 

    Rates: Up to $13 per hour 



    What it is: If you paid attention during social studies, you’d know that Singapore is a prime shipping location. A lot of cargo passes through the country, which means that there’s a high demand for stockroom and warehouse assistants.

    Depending on where you’re working, the pay can be high, however, the work is tiring and excruciating at times. Your daily responsibilities might include perform stockroom duties, bag and pack materials, deliver stockroom materials, and take stock of upcoming materials to name a few. Other common duties include handling customer stock, as well as ensure compliance of stockroom procedures. 

    Why it’s good: A stockroom job isn’t just limited to heavy lifting. 

    Some skills you’ll acquire include:

    • Organizing and multitasking skills

    • Manual skills: You might need to handle a wide range of machines (although we doubt that you’ll need forklifting skills). Think more on the lines of a pricing gun.

    • Computer skills: Microsoft Excel is a much needed skill that not many employees know how to use. Other skills you’ll pick up include experience with inventory-specific softwares and programs. Which could prove to be useful in your next job. 


    What are some casual roles you’ve applied for during the Christmas holidays? Let us know in the comments section below!  Looking for your next casual labour job for the December holidays? Check out BGC's job board here! 

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