• The Importance of Upskilling in Singapore

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    The Importance of Upskilling in Singapore

    Some might say that your twenties are an important time in your life. There is a universal belief that your twenties are the best time to experiment and figure out all the things you want to do in your life.

    However, here at BGC Singapore, a manpower outsourcing agency, we believe job seekers of all ages should learn the crucial art of upskilling. 


    The Importance of Upskilling in Singapore 


    ​The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the very nature of our jobs as well as our everyday tasks. With more companies adopting new forms of technology, AI and automated roles in an effort to digitize.

    Upskilling grants employees the ability to stay relevant within their desired industry. It is the key to success for both the employer and the employee. However, it is important to recognize that more skills other than digital skills are needed to survive Singapore’s workplace.

    There are two ways that can help decide what skills you’ll need in order to survive Singapore’s workplace:

    • Finding out the different job industries that are on the rise in Singapore. This way, employees will be able to figure out the different skills that are currently in high demand.

    • Plan an outline of your career trajectory, for the next few decades. That way, you'll be constantly aware of the different skills needed to stay relevant in the field.

    The Importance of Upskilling Post COVID-19