• The Importance of Upskilling in Singapore

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    The Importance of Upskilling in Singapore

    Some might say that your twenties are an important time in your life. There is a universal belief that your twenties are the best time to experiment and figure out all the things you want to do in your life. However, here at BGC Singapore, a manpower outsourcing agency, we believe job seekers of all ages should learn the crucial art of reskilling. 


    The Importance of Reskilling in Singapore 

    The importance of reskilling in Singapore

    Thanks to digitization, the nature of our jobs and everyday tasks are constantly changing. With more and more businesses and organizations looking to adopt more AI and automated roles within their company, it looks like more and more roles are now being carried out either by robots or software.

    Reskilling helps us stay relevant in the game. It is the key to success for both the employer and the employee.

    However, it is important to recognize that more skills other than digital skills are needed to survive Singapore’s workplace. There are two ways that can help decide what skills you’ll need in order to survive Singapore’s workplace:

    1. Find out the different job industries that are on the rise in Singapore. This way, employees will be able to figure out the current skills in demand.

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    2. Plan your career trajectory - for the next few decades. That way, you’ll be constantly aware of the different skills needed to stay relevant in the field.

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    Reskilling for Mature Employees

    Reskilling for mature employees in Singapore

    Mature employees are at the most risk of retrenchment, due to the changing workforce. As more and more spaces (and roles) are filled by both Millennials and Gen Z kids, it is imperative for mature employees to learn the skills needed in order to survive a fast-paced workplace.

    Additionally, in a recent Straits Times report, it states that older workers aged 55 years and older should focus on the relevant skills needed for reemployment. But in order to know which areas to upskill yourself in, you should be aware of the career you’d want to pursue, once you’re in your 50s. Which is why it is essential for employees, both young and old to plan - the future of their career.

    Here are three ways to reskill in Singapore:

    1. Experiment with Different Roles 

    Fellow employees above the age of 30! Are you aware of how important it is to experiment with your career? There used to be a stigma amongst working adults that the search for one’s career can only be done in their twenties. However, with job-hopping being no longer a huge stigma - mature employees now have the opportunity to experiment around with the different roles available out there.

    In a study conducted by Channel News Asia, more than 34% of professionals in Singapore have little to no intention of staying with their current employee long-term. Furthermore, there are multiple benefits to job-hopping. They include:

    • Diverse skills: Different roles will bring in different and more diverse skills. This is why employers are more likely to hire candidates with a variety of skills - so long as it’s useful and relevant to their role.

    • Better pay: With access to more roles, comes a more varied experience. And candidates with relevant experience in several industries prove to be useful to employers. The result? Better and more competitive pay. 

    • Larger network: Strategic networking is the key to increased salaries and career advancement. Job hopping allows you to meet and connect with a variety of colleagues from different backgrounds. Take the time to invest in creating meaningful connections. It could help you out in your career.

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    2. Be Open to Workforce Reskilling

    Workforce reskilling in Singapore

    These benefits include:

    • Satisfied employees: Constant reskilling creates happier employees. Employees who have training and development opportunities are happier in their roles. Having happier employees also leads to happier customers and clients - helping to boost the rate of customer satisfaction.

    • Improves retention rate: Giving employees more opportunities to upskill themselves shows your workers that you care about the future of their career. Everyone wants to work at a company that invests in their career development.

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    • Attract new talents: A successful organization filled with happy employees is bound to attract new talent. When an employee is satisfied with their workplace and employer - they become brand advocates. This means that they’re advocating and spreading your brand to everyone they know - including their friends, family members, neighbours, and even barista. Who wouldn’t want to work at an organization that creates satisfied employees?

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    3. Consider Attending Training Programmes  

    Training programmes in Singapore

    Job seekers interested in training programs can seek them out in lower-level positions (e.g. internships). Flourishing in these positions might just compel your employer to train and upskill you - to equip you with the lifelong skills needed to survive the job.

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    Do you believe in the importance of reskilling yourself? Let us know your reasons in the comments section below!

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