• Should Employees in Singapore Switch Careers This 2019?

    by Deana Zafir

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    Are you planning to switch jobs this year? Don’t worry, it’s not just you. 2 in 5 Singaporean workers are looking to change their jobs by 2019. The reason for their want to seek greener pastures? 40 percent of Singaporean employees are looking to change their careers because of the “limited career path” they see at their current jobs. In other words, they’re looking for meaningful careers that will help them get to their dream position. 

    Here is a Singapore job agency's take on what you should do. 

    What Do Young Employees in Singapore Want? 

    Young employees in Singapore are no longer looking to work in office environments. Instead, they prioritize positions that give them training, allowing them to develop useful skills for the future. Additionally, Generation Z, workers are interested in seeking out careers that are “interesting”. 

    Despite the need for meaningful positions, young Singaporean employees are also looking for attractive benefits and pay. Employees also look for a “pleasant work environment”. Good wifi connectivity, an “open” work environment, and the availability of communal and collaborative spaces all contribute to the idea of a “fitting work environment”. 

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    The Trouble With Career Changes in 2019 

    Despite the growing desire to switch careers. 2019 is actually a terrible year to switch jobs, with many predicting that Singapore will be going into recession in 2020. Those seeking to change their jobs might have to settle for a position with a less attractive salary package and benefits. 

    In addition, experts have managed to decipher that over 60% of entry-level jobs require more than 3 years of working experience. Other caveats that will make it harder to switch jobs this year, is the stigma associated with age. For instance, employers are less likely interested in hiring career hoppers in their 20s and their 40s. However, they are more open to hiring candidates aged 30 and above, plausibly due to their resumes.

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    Should You Switch Jobs - Yes or No Checklist

    Reason #1: To Increase Your Market Value  

    One main reason, employees switch careers is that it’s an easier way to gain better pay. For instance, a job switch might provide a candidate with a $500 increment. Whilst staying with their old company might give them about $100 yearly increment. Remember, that the skills you acquire at your current job could be lacking in another organization. This gives you more power and ground to negotiate for higher pay.

    Additionally, job hopping allows you to gain relevant skills and experience at a quicker rate. Some employees might choose to switch jobs, after a year or two, to increase their “market value”. This is a good reason to switch careers but do so at your own discretion.                 

    Reason #2: You’re Bored of Your Job 

    This might sound like a bad reason. However, it’s always good to consider switching positions once you get bored of your job. Coasting, is never a good idea, especially in a world where constant upskilling is needed.

    However, if you find it hard to source for positions that you’re interested in, with adequate benefits and attractive pay. It’s always better to stay at your current position and request for more responsibilities that you might be more interested in.

    Other things you can do to reignite your passion for your job include:          

    • Volunteer: You can choose to volunteer over the weekend with an organization that you’re interested in. More information on why you should volunteer here.

    • Request for more projects: One way to get you more interested in your current position is to handle more responsibilities. Speak to your current boss or supervisor and ask them if you can handle more projects that you might find more interesting. Alternatively, ask your supervisor if you can learn skills or attend courses that could be relevant to your career. 

    However, if you’re a seasoned employee and you’re considerably bored of your current workplace. We recommend switching to a position that could be a lot more challenging. 

    Reason #3: Internal Workplace Conflicts  

    Never ever choose to switch jobs because of workplace conflict. Burning bridges with your professional networks can cost you the chances of landing a better job in the future. Having a strong and valuable network can be beneficial. An organization might hire you for your connections. 

    Personal and professional conflicts at work are inevitable. We can’t agree with everyone we work with. However, once a conflict arises, it is always better to resolve the issues you have with your workplace before you leave. The decision to leave a position after a major disagreement is a bad one because it is one that is based on your emotions. 

    Reason #4: You Want To Do What Makes You Happy 

    Do you find yourself yearning for a career that will make you happy? Consider pursuing a career that you find your passion in. Or perhaps you should go on a journey of self-discovery to find out what you want to do with your life. However, despite the romantic notion of finding the job of your dreams, we recommend pursuing this path only if you have a comfortable amount of savings - to help sustain you during your search. 

    Remember, switching to a career in a different industry might result in pay cuts, lesser benefits, or even freelance positions. Which is why you’ll need all the spare cash you can get your hands on. But it’s worth it - the happiness that you’ll receive would be much more rewarding. 

    Follow the checklist in our infographic below to find out if you should leave your job or not: 

    Before switching careers, it’s best to evaluate the reasons you want to leave for a better prospect. We recommend securing a job position before resigning your job. At BGC Group, there are a variety of positions available, from full-time, part-time, and temp positions, to help you bridge your current role to your dream job. Click here to view BGC Group’s job portal

    What are some of the reasons you want to switch jobs this 2019? Let us know in the comments section below!

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