• The Best Websites for Networking in Singapore

    by Deana Zafir

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    Whether you’re a job seeker or a budding entrepreneur looking for investors, networking always seems to be the answer to your troubles. Singapore fresh grads starting out might benefit greatly from recruitment firms. However, the same might not ring true for mid-career candidates. 

    But what exactly is networking? Networking can be described as any social interaction (i.e. online or in the real world) with others to exchange information in order to develop social or professional contacts. As a young professional, you might think of networking as a boring event, where businessmen converge to talk about work or the presentation they’d all just witnessed.

    However, that’s not always the case. Networking can be a fun, social, event or easily done online. Find out the best websites for young professionals to network below: 

    1. Linkedin

    Linkedin is a winning social media tool for business networking. Through Linkedin, you can share your thoughts and articles, find content, explore potential job opportunities, or growing your network.

    But what’s the big deal about networking on Linkedin? Well...check out the answers below:

    • There are more than 500 million users on Linkedin:
      Which means that there is almost an endless supply of professionals to connect with and an unlimited supply of job opportunities.

    • It’s been around longer than Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook:
      And thanks to its wide range of services, it’s still going strong.

    • Your Linkedin profile can help rank your name on Google:
      Whether you like it or not, the first thing a potential employer is going to do before interviewing you is Google your name. But it doesn’t end there! Every time you meet a new client or a potential vendor, your best bet that they’ll be doing a Google sweep of your name. As such, we believe that using Linkedin is a lot better than using a homemade website or a lesser known blog.

    • Easy networking:
      Linkedin is the easiest place to network. Why? Because it’s built for networking. 

    2. is a website often used to organize online groups and events, in addition to being a website to find people with similar interests. But Meetup is also used by business professionals for professional networking events, create their own meetups, present, or even sponsor a meetup.

    Unlike networking events, events hosted by meetup members allow for relaxed coffee conversations or anything that’s comfortable enough for you to unleash your inner social butterfly.

    A quick browse of the website revealed that there a number of categories to help you find groups that you might be interested in. They range from writing and book clubs to sports and fitness, as well as games.

    Find your group at

    3. Telegram

    If you’re a Singaporean aged 30 years or younger, chances are you use Telegram to chat with your friends instead of WhatsApp. But did you know that Telegram is also a great place to network and hunt for jobs?

    Useful Telegram Channels:

    • Part Time/ Contract Jobs in Singapore:

      If you’re looking for a side job (e.g. part-time, contract, or temp job) that’ll bring in the dough, why not check out this Telegram channel. The jobs featured here range from retail assistant to logistics positions, and jobs within the tourism sector.  

      What’s great about this group is that the jobs available are posted by licensed recruiters from BGC Group. So there’s a very slim chance of the jobs featured being scammy.

      Visit Part Time/ Contract Jobs in Singapore here on Telegram.

      Learn more about Singapore job scams and how to avoid them here.

    • SG Careers (Singapore Careers and Job Opportunities)  

      Are you equipped with a diploma or a degree and tired of hunting for jobs on websites like Indeed and JobsDB? The roles featured here are aimed towards the executive crowd - think Marketing and Data Analyst roles.

      Visit SG Careers (Singapore Careers and Job Opportunities) here on Telegram.

      Learn more about the best websites Singaporeans should use to job hunt in Singapore here.

    • Singapore Internship Opportunities

      In Singapore, internships (along with a part-time, contract, or temp job experience) will help you land a well-deserved position after you graduate. They’re part and parcel of the working world here in Singapore.

      Internship roles featured in this Telegram group range from Graphic Design, Marketing, and Software Analytics role.

      Visit Singapore Internship Opportunities here on Telegram.

    4. Consider using an App instead

    What do Tinder, Bumble, Wander, and Kakis have in common? They’re all social media apps whose aim is to unite those looking to mingle around and meet new people. Singapore is home to a number of community building apps (i.e. Lunch Kaki, Wander, and Sup).

    Just like, they’re a casual way of networking. Those who use Kakis, Wander, and Sup can meet at the desired location, over lunch. In addition to being convenient, these social networking apps are often available free of charge.

    Ready to download a social networking app? You’ll want to check out the summaries below:

    • SUP

      SUP is a free app that helps you find friends nearby, who are immediately available to meet. The app has been described by its co-founders as “Uber for meetups, and Tinder for your social life”. Users have allegedly used the app to jio and invite people for lunch dates or to be their gym buddy.

    • Kakis

      Whether you’re a freelancer, working alone from home or a businessman working in the CBD. Lunch Kaki is the app for you. The app connects you to anyone interested in having lunch within the same location.

      You can filter people out by age, gender, and location - so if you’re a woman looking to network with more like-minded businesswoman, the app’s a perfect choice to avoid any unwanted attention.

    Do you know any other websites that are great for professional networking in Singapore? Let us know in the comments section below!

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