• 3 Ways Introverts Can Network for Job Opportunities

    by Deana Zafir

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    To some introverts, networking sounds like a nightmare. The idea of flitting from one person to another in a large social setting might be draining to some. Recruitment companies and agencies in Singapore might be one way to connect you with other organizations, if you're starting out. But this might not be a viable option for everyone. 

    Without a doubt, networking is the best way to finding new job opportunities in Singapore, we’ve listed three ways for introverts to network below. 

    1. Online Networking

    Networking in the real world might seem like a daunting task to some. Lucky for us introverts, online networking seems to be relatively popular these days, with the help of websites like Linkedin. Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter can also be used as online networking platforms.

    If you’re looking for other unique ways of connecting online, blogging and publishing might be a good method to connect with other industries and employers. However, keep in mind that blogging and publishing is a long route that requires almost daily updates to remain current amongst your chosen audience.

    Despite this challenge, there are myriad benefits to online networking:

    A. Greater outreach

    Networking online allows you to connect with people from a variety of different countries. Talking to someone 5,000 miles away might give you new ideas, inspiration, or even job opportunities outside of Singapore.

    B. It helps you build your professional online habits  

    Networking requires a certain tone and etiquette in order for it to be successful. It’s important to remember that with online networking, you’re not just networking with anyone. Rather, you could be connecting with the CEO of a company. Hence, the need for online professional etiquette.

    C. More opportunities

    The main aim of online networking is to find a wider pool of opportunities. The more people you connect with, the higher your chances of finding better opportunities are. Take, for instance, the online networking website, Linkedin. It’s a resume, cover letter, and the first impression rolled into one. An updated Linkedin page with a number of useful connections might be the ticket to impressing your future employers.

    D. The perfect option for Introverts

    There are some introverts out there who love socializing and connecting with other individuals. However, going from one table to another and talking to high profile individuals at closed events might be daunting to introverts. Especially when you’re just starting out in the industry. 

    2. Attend Career Fairs

    The great thing about career fairs is that it’s a sure fire way to get hired. You get to meet the different companies and sometimes, even the individual responsible for hiring matters at your dream company.

    Follow the tips below to network efficiently at any career fair:

    A. Network, not interview

    It’s best to refrain from being asked too many questions when you’re trying to network with someone at a career fair. You’re there to network not be hired on the spot.

    The best method to doing so is by introducing yourself to the person, and tell them a little about your background. Don’t forget to pass them your contact details, in exchange for theirs.

    It’s best to follow up with the hirer after your second meeting, to let them know why you should be considered for the job opening.

    B. Practice your elevator pitch

    Just like in job interviews, your elevator pitch is your one chance of making a good first impression. For those unaware, an elevator pitch is a short introduction to describe who you are and what you do.

    Practice this at home, until you can deliver your elevator pitch in a confident and calm manner. It’s the best way to make a good first impression.

    C. Come prepared

    Preparing to network face to face is similar to prepping for a job interview. In addition to practicing your elevator pitch and have it locked and ready. You should also come to the career fair prepared with several copies of your resume.

    D. Do your research

    We cannot recommend researching the career fair enough. Lookup the companies that are attending the fair and find out which companies are hiring in your field. These are the organizations that you MUST spend your time networking with.

    During the networking session, you want to come across as someone genuinely invested in the organization. It’ll be great to bring up the latest news related to the organization or your career field. That way, they’ll know that you mean business.

    Learn more about how to research companies for internship and job interviews, as well as networking sessions, here.

    3. Consider Temporary Jobs

    Temporary jobs in Singapore might be a great way for newbies looking to branch into their desired career industry. Most of the time, temporary jobs are a good way to connect with like-minded individuals looking to kick start their career as well.

    In fact, there are a number of benefits to taking up temporary job positions, especially when you’re first starting out in Singapore. Some benefits include:

    A. Entry into great companies

    Temp jobs are a great way to get your foot into the door of your desired industry. Most of the time, organizations use temp jobs as a way to justify that it needs more staff. If you stand out from the crowd well enough, or if you can show that you’re a great fit for the company, you could be hired permanently.

    B. Better networking opportunities

    To some introverts, networking with smaller groups of individuals, behind closed doors might bring out the social butterfly in them. Temporary positions allow you to have conversations with potential network connections about certain projects and assignments, instead of whether or not you currently have a job.

    C. Good relationships with recruiters and recruitment companies

    Recruiters are always on the lookout for qualified candidates who are willing to do contract positions. Having a good relationship with recruiters and recruitment companies is one way to get great insights about who’s hiring who in your desired career field.

    The success you find in one contract role might get them to consider hiring you for any full-time jobs.

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