• 5 Reasons to Consider a Job with a Flexible Work Schedule (and Where to Find Them)

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    Working flexible hours seems to be the latest millennial craze. In a study conducted by Bentley University, 77% of millennials believe that flexible work hours would make them more productive. Additionally, some speculate that by 2030, professionals will mostly be working from home.

    Whilst the youths of today might be laughed off ten years ago, thanks to the technology today, some millennials are able to work remotely and during the hours they enjoy. In this article, we list the 5 benefits of working a job with flexible hours. To help illustrate, we’ve used some of the jobs that our recruitment agency, BGC Group advertises!


    1. Work-Life Balance


    To some, it’s a commodity, to others, a luxury. If you’re someone who isn’t a workaholic, you’ll be glad to learn that some semblance of a work-life balance is achievable when working a flexible work schedule.

    Sure, some positions require you to work over the weekend, however, the hours are usually short. This leaves you enough time to hang out for a quick lunch with your friends and family members.

    Research also shows that friends and family are more central to millennials than members of the older generation. The trade-off could be sending out the occasional email at 10pm, but it’s a sacrifice the youths of today are willing to make.


    2. Better benefits


    When you’re working flexible hours, your monthly earnings are subjected to your performance. This means that the longer the hours you work, or the more tasks you complete in a day, you’ll be able to earn more money!

    For those unaware, the ‘Field Interviewer’ position advertised on BGC’s job portal has no cap on your final salary. To put it simply, depending on the number of families and people you interview, the more you’ll be able to earn. Who knows? You could be cashing in up to S$3,000* for a holiday job.

    Those who have seen BGC’s ‘Office Interviewer’ advertisement floating around might know that the same “uncapped salary” privileges do not extend to this position. 

    Check out the list below for some of the benefits of a government job with flexible hours:

    A. Transport allowance

    B. Shorter hours; for the ‘Office Interviewer’ position, workers work for 37 hours per week as compared to 42 hours per week (office hours)!

    It’s also important to remember that monetary benefits are not the only perks available in jobs with a flexible work schedule. We’ll list some of the overlooked benefits of a flexible work schedule below!

    3. Better for mental health


    Reduced burnout, better productivity, and a positive outlook on work are some of the mental health benefits that allegedly accompany a flexible work position. One of the reasons for this is that people like to work for themselves, as they’re able to control the tasks that they want to do.

    The flexible nature of the job also allows employees to take a break when they need it, without incurring the wrath of their micromanaging boss.

    Did you know?
    Some of our younger candidates have sent in feedback regarding their flexible position. Many of those working in our ‘Field Interviewer’ and ‘Office Interviewer’ jobs said that one of the positives to working a flexible position is that it is a relaxed job that comes with a myriad of benefits.

    4. Peak performance

    The “9 to 5” lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Some workers perform well in the early morning, others function better when they work in the afternoon.

    Since flexible work hours allow you to be the master of your own fate (and salary). You’ll be able to choose to work within the hours where you feel most energized to tackle on your duties.

    5. Gain reliable work experience


    Depending on the organization that you’re working for, you may be able to work a flexible position and study at the same time - which would be advantageous to your resume.

    Keep in mind that the ‘Office Interviewer’ and ‘Field Interviewer’ positions advertised on BGC Group’s job portal are full-time positions. University, Polytechnic, and A-level students often choose to work this job during the holiday - to gain experience working in a Government sector.

    Unlike a part-time job in retail or fast food store, you’re bound to learn a number of transferable skills for future positions in the marketing, business, and finance sector.

    We’ve listed some of the work experiences, past employees have taken note of below:

    A. Improve their communication and customer service skills.

    B. Picked up several office-based skills that will be useful in future positions (e.g. data collation, touch typing skills, etc)

    C. Gain experience working in a Government sector

    D. Improved time management skills

    E. Better self-confidence. Positions such as ‘Field Interviewer’ and ‘Office Interviewer’ positions forces you to get out of your comfort zone. But don’t worry, according to previous employees, participants being interviewed are often friendly and cooperative once they know that you’re not a door to door salesman.

    Where to Find a Job with a Flexible Work Schedule

    Job boards are a great place to source for positions with flexible hours. Examples of well-known job boards solely focused on advertising freelance and positions with flexible work schedules are Fiverr and UpWork.

    Other well-known job boards Singaporean students and youths often use to job hunt include Fastjobs and Carousell. If you’re interested in exploring jobs with a flexible work schedule, consider reading our “10 Websites Singaporeans Should Use to Search for Jobs in Singapore” or visit our job board to see what we have to offer.

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