• Which is Better – Soft Skills or Hard Skills? The Eternal Debate

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    The eternal debate returns. Do employers in Singapore prefer candidates with hard skills? Or do they want more candidates with soft skills? As a recruitment agency in Singapore, BGC Group will help you find out.

    As more and more youths enter the working force, they realise that their employers may have different expectations than the ones they've had in mind. In a world affected by COVID-19, companies are looking for employees who possess both soft and hard skills. But which one do employers favour more and how can you use both soft and hard skills to your advantage during an interview? We discuss them below!

    A. The Difference Between Soft Skills and Hard Skills


    A. Soft skills are a reflection of your employment history

    Soft skills are described as knowledge and personal qualities that an ideal employee should have. Most soft skills cannot be studied in school – but instead, need to be cultivated over a period of time, through real-life experiences. In addition, soft skills are often culminated after years of experience within an industry. This is why soft skills are valued by employers and organisations, despite being unaccredited.

    Personable soft skills are valuable to great leaders. An article by Forbes claims that when it comes to choosing leaders, Forbes says that when IQ and technical skills are similar, a person’s EQ accounts for 90% of the reason why they are promoted.

    B. Hard skills are a reflection of your educational history

     On the other hand, hard skills reflect your educational background, your training, and certification. Job seekers tend to emphasise and rely on their hard skills during the job search, because, it is hard to prove or supplement the claim that you have a specific soft skill. Some popular examples of hard skills include accountancy, law, analytics, automotive, banking and more!

    B. Top 10 Soft Skills Employers Desire Universally