• High Paying Jobs in Singapore That Don't Require a Degree in 2019

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    Let’s face it. We know why you’re reading our 'High Paying Jobs in Singapore That Don't Require a Degree in 2019' article. You want money because, despite giving it your best to save some cash, the best way to have more money in the bank is by earning it, the easiest way possible! Plus, you don’t necessarily need a degree to earn a well-paying position here in Singapore.

    Recruitment firm Robert Walters has released their salary predictions for various positions in Singapore, in 2019. Based on the report, those looking to switch jobs in 2019 are looking at a salary increment of 7-15%.

    In this article, we’ll be listing the highest paying entry level positions available in Singapore, that do not require a degree. However, you have to remember that the pay featured depends on both your experience and portfolio. 

    Find out how you can save your time, money, energy, and sanity with these degree-less positions available below. 

    1. Accounts Executive


    The accounts executive is an important link between an advertising agency and its clients. Day to day tasks for someone in this position includes meeting clients to discuss their advertising needs, briefing the creative team, negotiating with clients, as well as presenting new pitches to prospective clients (full list of responsibilities available here).

    Although you may not need a degree for this position, employees are often required to have a diploma preferably in Mass Communications or Business fields. Employers in this field also look out for job seekers with experience in media positions, mass communications, marketing, as well as sales positions.

    *Accounts Executive Pay: $45K - $55K Per Year

    2. Cyber Security Specialists


    The world of cyber security is one filled with enigma, mystery, and intrigue. Someone working in this position will spend most of their day (and night) monitoring, detecting, investigating, analyzing, and responding to security threats (full list of responsibilities here).

    Training is preferred for those planning to work as cyber security specialists within Singapore. Additionally, employers do look out for job seekers with diploma qualifications in Cyber Security or Computer Science. This is an industry that requires specialized training and qualifications in the long run.

    *Cyber Security Specialist Pay: $100K - $250K Per Year

    3. Digital Marketing Specialists


    Now that everything’s digital, it seems like digital marketing is a hot new field many companies and job seekers are looking to explore this 2019. Their responsibilities include managing online brand and product campaigns, devising strategies to drive traffic to the website, evaluating customer research, and developing and managing digital campaigns (full list of responsibilities here).

    Entry level positions usually require candidates to have at least a diploma in Digital Marketing, Communications, or a related field. Since digital marketers are the jack of all trades, they usually require additional skills in Adobe Creative Suites, videography skills, and even music mixing skills. Candidates who apply for digital marketing positions often have prior experience in marketing and sales positions.

    *Digital Marketing Specialists Pay: $80K - $120K Per Year

    4. Customer Service Executives (Logistics and Supply Chain)


    Customer service is an industry that’s often overlooked. Day to day responsibilities for those looking to get into this position include monitoring and following up with clients, sales support roles, and liaising with overseas offices to coordinate shipping (full list of responsibilities here).

    Job seekers interested in applying for this position may need a diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. This position often calls for previous experience with customer service or admin positions. Additionally, individuals are often required to have great soft skills such as communication skills, the ability to handle criticism, as well as knowledge of Freight terms.

    *Customer Service Executive Pay: $40K - $60K Per Year

    5. Data Entry Clerk


    Do you enjoy spending copious amounts of time in front of the computer? Can you touch type at a very fast rate with little to no mistakes? A data entry clerk is probably the perfect entry level position for you.

    Apart from basic IT skills, the ability to use spreadsheets and Microsoft Word, very little skills are needed for this position. Additionally, most companies do not require data entry clerks to have formal qualifications apart from a high school (O-level) certificate. Data entry is a great position to help kickstart your career. Drop us your resume and we’ll notify you of any data entry or similar positions!

    *Data Entry Clerk Pay: $18K - $22K Per Year

    6. Receptionists


    Receptionists are the first point of contact between a potential customer or client and the company. Just like in the movies, your job would be to welcome guests and greet people as well as forwarding phone calls (full list of responsibilities here).

    Your other responsibilities include office upkeep to ensure that everything is arranged nicely in order, update schedule for calendars and meetings, as well as other clerical duties such as data entry, filing, photocopying and more.

    *Receptionist Pay: $2.5K - $3K Per Month

    7. Secretaries


    Secretaries are often confused with receptionists because both jobs deal with clerical duties. However, a secretary does more than that. They often serve as personal assistants to the department manager. Other daily responsibilities include logging and processing bills, managing databases, organising and servicing meetings, and minutes taking to name a few (full list of responsibilities here).

    Most organizations do not require secretaries to hold formal qualifications. However, if you’re looking for a career as a legal, investment banking, and trading floor secretary, you may need a diploma or even a degree in related fields.

    *Secretary Pay: $48K - $84K Per Year (depending on the industry)

    Which one of these positions would you be interested to apply for? Let us know in the comments section below! Stay tuned for our second article, top paying jobs in Singapore for degree holders!

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