• #TBT: 5 Notable Achievements We've Accomplished in 2018

    by Deana Zafir

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    With each new year, we get to celebrate new beginnings! But before we do that, let’s take the time to inspect all our achievements for the year 2018. 

    April 2018 - Made a Splash on the Small Screen with Ah Ge

    Our award-winning million dollar view was featured in Channel 8’s television series, A Million Dollar Dream, with our Ah Ge, Chen Hanwei playing the role of a job seeker at our recruitment agency. The tv series follows the story of a retrenched senior copywriter who is in desperate need of money. To keep up financially, he takes the job of a delivery man and receives a winning TOTO ticket for one million dollars!

    In episode 3,  BGC was given the opportunity to interview Chen Hanwei’s character Zhang Zicheng. How cool was that? If you’re a fan of the tv series, feel free to step into our favourite pantry cum mass-interview location during your visit to BGC Singapore’s office. Feel free to drop by for a job interview as a walk-in if you’re feeling it. Just bring along your resume.

    Learn more about BGC Singapore's job portal

    June 2018 - Revamped our website with a job portal function!


    BGC Singapore first opened its doors back in March 2005. Always about continuous improvement, we decided we wanted to improve our user experience and we now have a mobile optimised website with jobs and alerts that you can apply for. Not to forget, our blog reads on career tips and tricks to help jobseekers out with their career.

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    September 2018 - Kickstarted our YouTube series, BGC Huddles to discuss career-related topics

    Our first episode of BGC Huddles went live in September 2018. The pilot episode featured our adorkable BGC and CSI interns sharing their stories of previous internships, secondary school jobs, and more! Our fun and conversational styled series cover topics from your first out of school job to the University major you should pick. Watch our latest episode below! 



    The best part is that BGC Huddles will cover all the burning questions you have about working! Can’t find a topic of your choice? Drop us a comment on our YouTube channel with a topic on what we should chat about next!

    Get a glimpse of our BGC Huddles series on YouTube and in our article here

    November 2018 - Set up BGC Hong Kong’s website


    One website was hard enough to tackle, but we’ve managed to launch not one, not two, but three websites in 2018! Let’s give our BGC team a round of applause for tackling three different websites!

    We managed to launch our Hong Kong website in November 2018! Our Hong Kong website also features a job portal, some fun articles, and is mobile optimized, so you can job hunt from your phone! 

    Visit BGC Hong Kong

    December 2018 - Set up BGC Malaysia’s website



    As Singaporeans, we like to share good food, gossip, and services with our family, friends, and neighbors! So we're sharing our recruitment services with our friendly neighbour, Malaysia! With a successful new branch comes new challenges - and another milestone conquered by the BGC team is the launch of our Malaysia website! 

    Visit BGC Malaysia

    Each year will be more challenging than the last, but remember that with every passing year, new changes and improvements should be made! At BGC, we like to follow the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement, and we aim to improve everything from our website to our customer service with each passing day, month, and year! 

    What are some of the achievements you’ve accomplished in 2018? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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