• 7 Types of Singaporean Colleagues That We Know and Love

    by Deana Zafir

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    Colleagues, the people who we spend most of our lives interacting, eating, and working with.

    Sure our co-workers can be grating and annoying at times as highlighted in our previous article, 9 Types of Singaporean Colleagues That Everyone Hates

    But this time, we're highlighting the positive stereotypes! The beacons of light that brighten up any dull or stressful work day. Let's see if you can identify any one of them in your office! 

    The Social Butterfly

    They know everyone in the company. How? You don't know either but you see them flitting from table to table and striking up conversations even with both the old and the new colleagues. Plus, unlike the office aunty, the social butterfly has no ill will when it comes to socializing, preferring to keep secrets to themselves and not gossip. 

    The Fixer Upper

    This is the one colleague everyone goes to when things take the wrong turn.  The fixer is someone who naturally draws people in thanks to their humour and quick wit. Thanks to their responsibility, they've assumed the position of the company's "mother". 

    Just like your real mother, this is the one person you run to when you have something serious to discuss. Don't have anything to say in a meeting? No worries! They've got your back by covering your awkward silences with suggestions of their own. 

    Naturally, the fixer-upper is everyone's favourite co-worker. You're lucky to have one in the office. 

    The Always Available

    They're the first to arrive and the last to leave. Actually, you've never seen them leave so you're not sure if they live at the office or just staying there to provide extra help for those OT-ing. These people are also known to be workaholics, taking no more than 30 minutes to reply to your emails, and messages. 

    The Crush

    You're like Jim and Pam, or at least you wish you were. This is the person you won't normally be into but you spend 9 hours a day, 5 days a week around him so you're kinda forced to develop some feelings for him. 

    The upside of having a work crush is that they make for interesting office interactions. They keep you on your toes and motivated at work. That doesn't sound so bad now does it? 

    The Morning Motivator

    To everyone else, rolling into the office bleary-eyed and exhausted is the norm. But not to the morning motivator. You can feel their energy and accompanying light as soon as this person enters the building. 

    To the motivator, nothing is impossible. They put on a smile no matter what they're doing, and finish each task with an enthusiastic "yes," - a quality you admire.

    The Next Bill Gates

    He's smart, inventive, and seem to always come up with brand new ideas on the fly. With so much potential and a near perfect IQ score (probably), this person should be working for Google, Microsoft, or anywhere better than your current workplace. 

    This is the one person you'll want to keep tabs on, after both of you leave your jobs, just to see how their life pans out. You know that they'll be up to something big. 

    The Work Comedian

    No matter how bad the workload or shift is, this person has a knack for lightening the gloomy office mood. The comedian is the master of tense situations, making stressful moments melt away. Whilst they're a great distraction from your dull, mundane, work, don't let these moments stop you from finishing your work. 

    Know anyone at work who's a positive influence or a beacon of light at your otherwise dull workplace? Link them to this article and let them decide what kind of colleague you are! 

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