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    by Deana Zafir

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    Our colleagues JP and Clara, interview colleagues of Singapore job agency, BGC Group and CSIntelligence, as part of our new YouTube project, BGC Huddles!

    We covered questions about their first jobs, internship experiences, and how it's like to be an introvert in the workplace in our new 

    Do you have any questions for our BGC staff? Let us know and we'll interview our specialist recruiters for their insightful opinions. 

    1) Why Interns Decide to be Interns

    Grunt work, low salary, why would anyone subject themselves to an internship? We’ve heard all the horror stories some people claimed to have faced. However, good internship experiences do exist! The key to finding that perfect internship is to apply for reputable companies with a casual environment.

    2) That Post-Secondary School Job Experience

    Money and experience are some of the key reasons why our interns decide to join the workforce during their teenage years. Popular positions that teens look out for include waitressing (S$8 per hour) or temporary administrative positions.

    Office life and F&B positions not your kind of job? No worries! There’s a medley of positions available out there for you to choose from. One thing’s for sure - don’t take up the position for the sake of simply earning money. Your first job experience after secondary school should prepare you for your future career.

    3) Misconceptions About Introverts at Work (as Clarified by Introverts)

    Introverts can’t function well in marketing related positions? False! Introverts are simply people who need to recharge their energy alone after strenuous social situations.

    In this episode, we discover that there are varying degrees to people with introverted personalities. Do you identify as an introvert? Don’t let your shyness hold back from letting you search for the career of your dreams.


    4) Deciding on What to Major in Poly/University

    Deciding on both your Polytechnic and University major can be tough! We understand, we've all been there and done that.

    In this episode, we sit down with our Marketing team to find out more about their majors and their concerns when it comes to taking a Business focused degree.

    Watch and enjoy! Click here to visit our YouTube page!

    Have a topic you’d like us to explore in the future? Let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to drop Singapore job agency, BGC Group your CV here for that perfect internship and/or opportunities for temp jobs in Singapore.

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