• 9 Types of Singaporean Colleagues That Everyone Hates

    by Benjamin Lim

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    Not everyone is keen on their colleagues. Here are 9 typical office colleagues we all tend to dislike. 

    Have you watched videos produced by our local YouTube personalities or read satirical articles about the types of colleagues you can find in the typical Singapore office? 

    I recalled myself watching several videos on this topic with mild amusement thinking that it was exaggerated content just to get more views for their channel. 

    With that in mind (and the help of my colleagues from BGC Group), a Singapore job agency, we've compiled nine of the most common colleagues you'll encounter in the workplace! 

    Let's see if you can identify any one of them in your office. PS: We have an article on the 7 Types of Singaporean Colleagues That We Know and Love

    Wayang King

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    Wayang King is someone who pretends to be good only when the superior is around (Goodyfeed). This is the colleague who is always on the lookout for opportunities to impress his superiors and create the impression that he is competent and driven, to earn a promotion. He's the one who tries too hard to impress the bosses by always being the first to give his suggestions and opinions. The Wayang King is also the one who always leaves the office last, making a big show of leaving the office late by announcing his goodbyes loudly.

    The Slacker

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    You'll find this person either busy doing something like staring intently at a Word or Excel document, seemingly deep in thought or typing away at something on the keyboard. Funny enough, if he is actually tasked with doing something, he'll take the whole day to do it and the quality of his work is always terrible. Don't count on him to work on anything important simply because it will be a waste of your time. If circumstances require you to work together with him on something important, you should cover yourself by corresponding with him through email on important matters, just in case, the slacker fails to deliver.

    Tai-Chi  Master

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    He's the one with a whole list of excuses and never-ending work commitments. He's well versed in the art of deflection and escape. You'll never spot him doing any saikang (shit job) at all. While being able to diplomatically escape from work initiatives or projects, so that you have more time to focus on other more important tasks. Of course, you should always assist your colleagues if you have the ability to do so. Otherwise, be prepared to be disliked more than the Slacker.

    The Passive-Aggressive

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    This colleague expects wants to test your skills in mindreading, expecting you to guess their inner-most thoughts to get what they truly want to say. Your agile moves will also be tested as they'll keep you constantly worried about treading on their toes. Be prepared to wear your armour, and watch your back because they may be plotting an elaborate sabotage scheme.

    These colleagues love leaving sticky notes over the smallest things and calling people out over email. They're often adept at acting, pretending to be surprised when you confront them. Other typical weapons that they employ are silence, excessive politeness, snide remarks, and procrastination when you ask them for assistance.

    Office Aunties

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    Office aunties are a common sight in Singapore workplaces. These women spend their days engaging in the latest office gossip. She'll gladly provide you with the latest juicy tidbits of information about your colleagues and bosses. Need dirt on your bosses, colleagues, or CEO? She's your man!

    She lives to come to work and engage in gossip with her besties during working hours instead of getting any is done. Be warned, should you interrupt her, you'll receive glares and grumbles before she half-heartedly starts her work. You should also find ways to politely exit the conversation whenever she engages you in casual chit-chats. Remember, never share any juicy details about your personal life! Unless you want everyone in the office to know.


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    Bootlickers, a.k.a. Angkat Bola are those who constantly look out for opportunities to shower their bosses with compliments. Their compliments may sound ridiculous or vomit inducing at times but they won't care. Their end goal is to get into the good books of their bosses, for easy promotion.


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    Pray that you won't encounter any of these office snakes whose sole goal is to sabotage your career prospects to advance theirs. They may pretend to be your friends at first, to get you to lower your defences and gain their trust. However, they'll soon badmouth you to other colleagues and spread nasty rumours to destroy your reputation. Keep your ears peeled for any nasty rumours floating around the office, if you suddenly feel like an outcast with friends at work.

    But not all is lost! Get concrete proof of their misdeeds before presenting your case to your boss. It is likely that you're not the first person the backstabber has hurt.

    Kancheong Spider

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    The Kancheong Spider is the living personification of the slang word "kiasu". You'll find them anxiously running around the office, bugging their colleagues for documents and reports even when their submission deadline is a long, long time away.

    Their constant pestering and nagging is a major source of annoyance for everyone in the office. What's worse is that their jittery demeanour even extends to break time, where they'll nag ar everyone to rush back to the office on time.

    While harmless, it's annoying how they'll force everyone to adapt to their paranoid working styles.

    The Office Flirt

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    This thirsty individual will never pass up on a chance to hit on every single attractive woman at the workplace. Using work as an excuse, he'll try to charm his way to find out more about their personal lives after work, before asking them out on a date. He's well known and detested amongst colleagues due to his shamelessness and inability to stop his advances. There's a better place to flirt, guys, it's called Tinder.

    Have you had the misfortune of coming across some of these colleagues in the workplace? Do share your stories with us in the comments section below!

    Are you a student looking for temp jobs in Singapore? Drop us your resume and we'll try to match you with the perfect job! 

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