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    Why we do the things we do

    Our vision

    We will transform HR experiences with people-first solutions, backed by technology.

    Our purpose

    Our ongoing mission is to help job seekers and employers alike succeed by making your processes better and faster.
    Simply put - We care about your success.
    We are in the business of helping people achieve their success, whether through finding the right job to build their careers or supporting businesses with outsourcing their manpower processes.

    BGC Group lives so that we are able to help you do what you live to do.

    Our core values

    Our value to candidates and clients is the sum of our values as a team.
    When we look to expand the BGC team, we see more than just qualifications. 

    Current and future team members of BGC have to be:





    Team Players






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    Being Ethical at BGC

    ​As a recruitment and HR agency born out of Singapore, we have a zero tolerance policy in relation to bribery and corruption.

    BGC Group is committed to operate and to carry out business globally with integrity, transparency and free from improper influence.

    Being Respectful at BGC


    ​​More stories coming soon. There are stories, but sometimes.. they're for insiders only.

    Wait for it! :)

    Being Trustworthy at BGC

    "Elaine(our current back office manager) started out as an internal payroll specialist. If you'd known her back then, you would know her as someone who's quiet and who gets her job done in a timely manner. Who knew? She would be someone who ended up leading 7 direct reports whole managing external payroll operations and HR activities at the same time. When company began its restructuring activities in 2017, Elaine gamely stepped out of her comfort zone to lead the team - she didn't like it but she knew she had to. It hasn't been an easy task, but with the help of a united team who stayed on to stabilise our opertations, we were able to pull through the tough period. I trust Elaine to be very dependable and someone I can trust to get things done." - Chin Lam, Operations Director

    Being Team Players at BGC


    Every little thought counts #becausewecare

    "Can always count on two of marketing's sweetest interns help out with anything with so much unbridled pride & enthusiasm. Examples include fully (and capably) managing one of our client's 1-hour long market research interviews whilst the client was still stuck on the plane. And not to forget.. fixing a damaged table for our Mass Walk-in Event without being prompted to. We definitely love to have more of these #trustworthy #teamplayers around! Thanks Gabriel & Chee Yuan!" - Jue Ping, Marketing Specialist

    Our cultural values

    1. Never stop trying

    2. Be friendly and helpful

    3. Stay humble and keep learning

    4. "用心" or 'Yong Xin' - Use the heart to do things with great intent

    5. Be open to ideas

    If you think that BGC is where you'd like to be at, drop us a line at hiring[email protected] and tell us how you'd like to contribute to the team!

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